Success in Math and Science Center is Open Online!

For students who need help in math and science, the PDS "Success in Math and Science" Center (SiMS) has served for more than five years as an excellent student-to-student support system.

Student interaction and academic support is a major topic and concern in this new chapter of global virtual learning, and PDS students are eager to mentor their peers this spring. Thanks to their efforts in coordination with faculty, the SiMS center is up and running online.

Faculty supervisor and Upper School Math teacher Jeffrey Rubens explains, "The three senior Head Mentors for SiMS, Justin Sherman '20, Ari Nagelberg 20' and Luigi Soriano '20, worked together to develop the vision of an online SiMS center and making it a functional reality."

One change to the usual procedure for SiMS is that the current senior mentors will stay on through the rest of this year. Normally, spring would be the season when new mentors would be chosen and begin to participate, while the seniors would finish before the last stretch of the school year.  However, during this time of Panthers Online learning, the senior mentors have volunteered to stay on while SiMS shifts online. Thank you to those seniors for going above and beyond for PDS as they enter the home stretch of their high school careers!


For any PDS student interested in setting up 1-on-1 meeting with a SiMS mentor, sign up here and a SiMS mentor will contact you to set up a Google Meet to go over your math or science questions. 

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