Student Art Portfolio: Ella Jackson '21

This post is one in an occasional series featuring visual arts portfolios created by Princeton Day School students. 


Ella Jackson '21

Artist's Statement:

Art is my way of sharing my voice, expressing my emotions and pushing creative boundaries. As an artist, I love to combine technique, art history, performative elements, interactive presentation, text, process, experimentation, sketchbook work, 3D creations, design and my personal passions and experiences.

I transitioned from the comfort of my early arts-based education and its technicality to art influenced by the impact that my struggle with anxiety and treatment as a female in society has had on who I have become. Exploring myself through my art revealed a better understanding of the world around me and how our struggles do not define us, but define our willingness to persevere when society gives us every reason not to. The art included in this portfolio is exemplary of the growing curious artist that I am today.

Portfolio Highlights

Ella Jackson '21 Art Portfolio piece
Ella Jackson '21 Art Portfolio piece
Ella Jackson '21 Art Portfolio piece
Ella Jackson '21

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