Senior Spotlights: Quinton Covington, Will Newman, Shiv Singh, Jillian Wexler

Continuing our series of Senior Spotlights designed to celebrate each graduate, here are four more seniors from the Princeton Day School Class of 2021.

Please note that Senior Spotlights appear in alphabetical order and are based on voluntary submissions that our seniors are completing and providing to the Communications Office.

Quinton Covington '21

Quinton Covington, Panther for 13 years

A turning point/meaningful experience:

The REx program solidified my passion for research and exposed me to what that field is really like.

"If I could do it again, "

I would have taken more art classes and further taken advantage of the extensive resources that the art department has to offer.

Message for future PDS seniors:

Don't worry too much about taking classes just to have a good looking transcript for college. Take classes that you think you will enjoy—those are just as important!

Will Newman '21

Will Newman, Panther for 7 years

A turning point/meaningful growth opportunity:

A growth opportunity that I had at PDS was being a peer group leader [mentoring 9th graders as a senior]. I enjoyed being in a leadership role and embraced the responsibility that was given to me. I learned a lot about myself while getting to know many of the new students.

Favorite PDS memory:

Señora Scheil's Spanish class

"If I could do it again, "

I would take classes and embrace challenges that are outside of my comfort zone.

Message for future PDS seniors:

Take advantage of the vast resources and opportunities that PDS has to offer.

Shivam Singh '21

Shiv Singh, Panther for 4 years

A turning point/meaningful experience:

I typically didn’t lean towards the arts, but taking Intro to Media Arts gave me a new perspective on the many different art mediums there are.

Favorite PDS memory:

Baseball Senior Night, which came to be called "Shiv Day," was my favorite PDS memory. We overcame a large deficit against Pennington and ended up tying the game before it was too dark to continue. It was by far the most electric game of my baseball career.

"If I could do it again, "

I wouldn’t stress myself out unnecessarily regarding school work. There’s a crucial balance between your wellbeing and success as a student, which I found much later in my high school career.

Message for future PDS seniors:

Try to speak with as many people as possible. Every person has an interesting perspective to bring to the table, so I encourage you to branch out past your tight circle.

Jillian Wexler '21

Jillian Wexler, Panther for 4 years

A turning point/meaningful teacher:

A turning point at PDS for me was the decision to take furniture design freshman year. I unexpectedly found something I love and a place I love to be, the shop. A huge thank you to Mr. Maher for the past four years!

Favorite PDS memory:

The hockey team's trips to Portledge School to play them on their outdoor rink.

"If I could do it again, "

I'd play another PDS girls ice hockey season in pre-COVID times.

Senior Project insights:

I'm building a dining room table for one last furniture design project.

Message for future PDS seniors:

Try something you haven't tried before! You never know when or where you will find a new passion.

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