Princeton Day School’s 12th Annual Ice Skating Spirit Showcase

Princeton Day School hosted its 12th Annual Ice Skating Spirit Showcase at Lisa McGraw '44 Rink on May 12. The live event was breathtaking, as PDS Upper School figure skaters capped off their work throughout the spring to develop solo routines featuring skills of their choice, along with a grand finale number incorporating the whole team. The showcase was also live-streamed to the community, with senior parents specially invited to attend in accordance with health screening and safety guidelines.

"One of the best parts about this showcase and our program in general is that we have a diverse group of skaters with a wide range of experience. Some of our skaters are very competitive and have skated for outside clubs for years, while others are relatively new to the sport," Head Coach Courtney Hodock shared. "Each solo number is tailored to the individual skater's skillset and comfort level, while the whole team worked together to create a final group routine that successfully incorporated every skater's skills," she explained.

This year's event was emceed by Milan Shah '22, who introduced each performance in addition to the Senior Recognition ceremony that kicked off the night. 

"I am very grateful for the leadership of our seniors. We have five members of the Class of 2021 on the team this year – that is literally half of our team!" Coach Hodock remarked during the ceremony. "These five senior skaters—Jenny Zhang, Jessie Lin, Maya, Gaby Namouni, and Natasha Ray (all Class of 2021)—have been skating together since middle school. They are truly special and it is not often that students will continue to skate through their senior year," Coach Hodock continued.

Here's a brief recap of Coach Hodock's Senior Day tributes, more about the skating program and our Flickr album of the 2021 Skating Showcase photo highlights!

Jessie Lin '21

Jessie Lin '21

"Jessie started skating in 6th Grade and took lessons outside of school. She is a thoughtful musical skater. Jessie enjoys skating—it is her favorite sport. Figure skating is a lifelong sport that she will be able to keep doing for years to come. Her teammates say that Jessie is always smiling and very thoughtful. Jessie, we will miss you next year and wish you all the best at Columbia next fall."

Gaby Namouni '21

Gaby Namouni '21

"Gaby started skating in 4th Grade when her older sister Léa started at PDS. I have been told that nothing was easy at the beginning—lots of falling—but she persisted and each year looked forward to the skating season and improved. Being a dancer has been a great help on the ice. Her teammates loved Gaby’s energy and say that she is compassionate.  Her family is proud of her skating achievement and hope she can continue in Boston! Gaby, we will miss you next year and wish you all the best at Tufts next fall." 

Natasha Ray '21

Natasha Ray '21

"Natasha started skating when she was in 5th Grade. In the beginning it was a struggle and she was very frustrated. But, she never gave up and kept trying her best to learn. Now, Natasha shows confidence and grace on the ice. Her teammates say that Natasha’s laughter is infectious. Her family is very proud of her. Fun fact about Natasha… her first skating showcase was to an Ariana Grade song and over the years this became a ritual for her, and of course this year she keeps the tradition alive."

Maya Shah '21

Maya Shah '21

"Maya started learning to skate in Pre-K here at PDS. She also took one-on-one lessons when she was older. Maya is a quick learner on the ice and always willing to try new things—even if they make her a little nervous. Now, she is poised and polish on the ice. Her teammates think she is nice and kind to everyone, always! Her family is very proud of all she has accomplished. Maya, we will miss you next season. Best of luck at Miami in the fall!"  

Jenny Zhang '21

Jenny Zhang '21

"Jenny started skating when she was 7 years old, in 2nd grade. She trained hard all year long and passed her US Figure Skating Senior Moves in the Field, Per-Gold Dances, and Juvenile Free Skating. Jenny has used what she has learned to teach beginner level skaters. Her teammates say that Jenny is inspiring and shows passion on the ice. Her family is very proud of all she has achieved on the ice in the past 11 years. Jenny, we will miss you next season. Best of luck at NYU next fall!"   

Ice Skating Showcase Program

Mimi Lytkowski '24 – skating to "All that Jazz"

Sophia Glasgold '22 – skating to "Runaway"

Mehak Dhaliwal '22 – skating to "Green Light" 

Gaby Namouni & Maya Shah – skating a pair number to "Isabelle" 

Eleanor Ding '22 – skating to "Preach"

Natasha Ray – skating to "POV"

Zoë Latanision '23 – skating to "I’m Still Standing"

Amy Zhou '23 – skating to "Electric Love" 

Jessie Lin – skating to "Wild at Heart"

Jenny Zhang – skating to "I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing"

Group Finale – skating to a decade mix

"I want to thank the skaters for their dedication. I appreciate the efforts of each and every one of you. I am proud of how you all pulled together as a team to support each other – always!" Coach Hodock concluded.

View our Flickr Album of highlights from this year's Ice Skating Spirit Showcase here. Watch a replay of the Showcase live-stream here.

Photos (from top): the Figure Skating team posing before the showcase at center ice; photos of each senior and their family members during the Senior Recognition ceremony

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