Princeton Day School Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

Princeton Day School welcomes new faculty and staff members for what will surely be a very special 2020-2021 school year! The "Faculty/Staff Class of 2020" comes from diverse professional and personal backgrounds and spans all three divisions, Athletics, College Counseling, Health and Wellness and more.

Christopher Bobbitt - MS Architecture, Board of Trustees Member

Eugene Burroughs - Athletics Liaison for the Admission Office, Head Basketball Coach

Courtney Carr - US English

Allison Czarnecki - PE/Health 

Tracy Davis - Assistant to the Lower School

Anne Louise Ennis - LS Math Chair

Brent Ferguson - US Math

Dianne Gigliotti - Assistant to the Upper School

Erin Iwai - MS Science

Ryan Jannos - College Counseling

Asad Khan - Squash Professional

Michael "Mookie" Kideckel - US History

Gabrielle Loperfido - MS/US Foreign Language

Becky Malin - MS Math

Marvin McCrary - US History

Rebecca Park - MS Math

Nick Perry - US Math

Maria Petosa-Lubaway - US Latin

Elena Pirozzi - US Latin

Jamie Will - Communications (leave replacement starting in April 2020)

Ashleighann Young - LS Psychologist

(Not in composite photo: D. Gigliotti)

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