PDS Welcomes our Newest Faculty and Staff Members!

Another year, another opportunity to grow our community! Over the next few days, our newest faculty and staff will be spotted around campus getting to know one another, setting up their classrooms and spaces and participating in talks and workshops surrounding sustainability, technology and this year's theme: Bridging and Belonging. If you see any of these faces around campus, be sure to give them a warm PDS hello!

Arielle Altcheck - LS French

Stephen Armandt - US History

Paul Brewer - US Economics and History

Brandon Cawley - Facilities, Buildings and Grounds

Vicky Chang - US Chinese

Jessica Clingman - Director of Sustainability & Environmental Education

Suzanne Cunningham - MS Art

Annu Daiya - US English

Macarena de Torres Garcia-Gallo - MS Spanish

Kira Dudeck - PE Teacher

Carlos Egaña - US Spanish

Lauren Gleeson - US Spanish

Kabrina Gregory - MS Science

Jason Haber - MS Humanities

Deanna Harkel - Director of Communications

Naomi Kelly - LS Kindergarten Teacher

Alana Kenyon (Allen) - US Physics & Chemistry

Eunice Kim - Communications Associate Leave Replacement

Kelly Koching - Communications, Art Director

Joe Kossow - US Art History

Katya Kotreleva - LS Classroom Assitant

Tomia Mayfield-MacQueen - Garden-Kitchen Coordinator

Christina McCann - LS Classroom Assistant

Danielle McKee - LS Second Grade Teacher

Lauren Menjivar - LS Classroom Assistant

Connie Miller - MS Humanities 

Jen Peck-Nolte - MS/US School Counselor

Samantha Ranaghan - LS Classroom Assistant

Stefanie Santangelo - US History Chair

Sophia Scanlon - MS Humanities, UPenn Fellow

Elena Schomburg - US Science, UPenn Fellow

Gary Schumacher - Assistant Facilities Director

Abid Shakoor - US Science

Michelle Simonds - US Director of Student Life

Jennifer Simons - LS Spanish

Ricardo Stella - Senior Network Systems Administrator


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