PDS Service Initiative Preps Deliveries to New Medical Facilities

Princeton Day School has been engaged for the past several weeks in a Service Learning initiative to create home-made PPE equipment, using STEAM-based innovations, for distribution to local medical facilities in need. They are poised to expand their efforts and are particularly seeking help with equipment deliveries.

Face shield parts created from approved specs using 3D printers

US computer science teacher Theodor Brasoveanu and several students began the initiative to create face-shields using 3D printers and, working with the School's Service Learning team, invited the PDS community to join the cause. The PDS PPE Task Force has grown to over 30 contributors including PDS staff, faculty, students, parents and alumni. To date, they have produced and delivered 250 pieces of PPE equipment to ten medical facilities across New Jersey, with more to come this week and beyond.

The PDS group will continue to ramp up efforts to support New Jersey medical facilities in need, including PDS STEAM Coordinator Matt Tramontana,who has also volunteered his time to begin using the School's 3D printers to bolster the effort to produce more face shields. The school leadership generously endorsed the project and offered to help with some of the production costs.

Photo above: A special thank you to Amita Shah, mother of two PDS alumni and grandmother to four current PDS students, for assembling face shields for the PPE initiative. Photo courtesy of her daughter, Anupa Wijaya '94, who also worked on the shields.

Anyone in the PDS community may contribute to this initiative! Here are ways to participate:

1) Volunteer your home 3D printer for making visors. Companies or organizations that you are affiliated with can also provide equipment or working space.  

2) Join our team to assemble the face shields. We’ll provide you with the 3D printed parts and the supplies needed to put together shields at home. We use both the Cornell University face shield model and Columbia University's face shield model. Both of them have been reviewed by the National Institutes of Health and tested by several hospitals around the country.

3) Help us with logistics such as procuring materials or picking up finished products from Princeton and delivering to facilities.

4) Spread the word and help us connect with other local hospitals, medical professionals and first responders in need of protective equipment.

5) Reach out to a variety of medical and health facilities to confirm their need for PPE equipment, with a particular focus on nursing homes and rehabilitation centers that have been hit hard by COVID-19. 

6) You can also sew face masks or build face shields from simple materials, in the comfort of your home! Here are some community resources:

Princeton Arts Council's Sew Many MasksMercer Mask ProjectDIY model for face shields used at Princeton University


To read more about the initiative, please see our initial news story here. If you want to join this effort, please reach out to Theodor Brasoveanu, Upper School Computer Science teacher (for manufacturing face shields) or Dr. Elizabeth Monroe, Upper School Dean of Students (for sewing face masks).

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