PDS Model UN Triumphs at Yale Conference

Reported by Megha Thomas '20 and Katie Jain '21

At the end of January, the PDS Model United Nations delegation sent 18 students to New Haven, CT to debate, write and learn with students from around the globe. Collaboration was a key part of Yale’s Model UN Conference this year, and the whole delegation worked incredibly hard, helping each other along every step of the way. 

From discussing topics such as Designated Survivor, to trying to solve international epidemics in the World Health Organization, the entire team enjoyed a lively and fun weekend. Notably, the PDS delegation brought home an Outstanding Large Delegation Award, a testament to the amazing work done by everyone from PDS. 

In addition to this impressive team honor, the students also earned a total of 13 individual awards, two of which were awarded to 9th graders Albert Zhou and Katrina Zeng, both making their first conference appearances! Below is a list of award winners, followed by the conference roster. 

Best Delegate: 

  • Megha Thomas '20 in HR Council
  • Eyal Yakoby '20 in UNEP
  • Eric Leung '20 in European Commission 
  • Albert Zhou '23 in High Commission on Refugees
  • Eli Soffer '22 in Technological Future

Outstanding Delegate: 

  • Harjap Singh '20 in ASEAN
  • Adayliah Ley '20 in CSW
  • Katrina Zheng '23 in Arctic Council

Honorable Delegate: 

  • Vinay Rao '21 in SPECPOL

All Participants:

  • Matan Blitz '21
  • Eli Soffer '22
  • David Cohen '23
  • Rina Sclove '20
  • Harjap Singh '20
  • Eric Leung '20
  • Sarina Hasan '22
  • Aidan Njanja Fassu '20
  • Adayliah Ley '20
  • Japna Singh '22
  • Aaron Phogat '21
  • Albert Zhou '23
  • Vinay Rao '21
  • Megha Thomas '20
  • Eyal Yakoby '20 
  • Zakir Zaidi '21
  • Ansh Kulkarni '22
  • Katrina Zheng '23

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