PDS Middle School "Frozen" Cast Connected with Broadway Star

The Princeton Day School Middle School musical production of Frozen was unfortunately canceled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, as the well-worn saying goes, the show must go on. Much like the rest of the School over the past four months, the MS Frozen cast and its faculty leaders found ways to overcome adversity and create meaningful experiences while working and schooling remotely. In this particular case, a truly exciting experience was a special virtual visit from a Broadway performer. 

"Once our production of Frozen was canceled, we knew we wanted to find a unique way to still connect our students to the show," MS Theater director Jonathan Martin said. "Luckily, through a connection with an amazing PDS parent, Nicole Sutherland Hughes, we got an entrée to Noah Ricketts, who played Kristoff in Frozen on Broadway!"

"He virtually visited our class after we did our virtual reading of the musical and talked about his experiences with Frozen. He also gave advice to our young actors about pursuing a career in the arts and shared personal stories about his life, education and experiences. And he told fun stories of mishaps on the Broadway stage, which the students loved! It was an awesome opportunity for our students to meet a Broadway actor, ask questions, and network in the industry," Mr. Martin explained.

Nicole Sutherland Hughes added, "My Broadway roots run deep and I am committed to the diversity of Broadway on so many levels. Disney Theatrical does a high-quality job making sure their casts are diverse and relatable on the Broadway stage and global touring levels. It’s wonderful for our students to see the road to Broadway and how education and talent are combined to ensure longevity in a performance career."

Noah Ricketts as Kristoff from a Broadway performance of "Frozen."  Photo by Deen van Meer.

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