Middle School Final Assembly Serves As Rite of Passage for Eighth Graders

The Middle School held the final assembly of the school year on June 8, continuing a week of celebrations and goodbyes across the School. Middle School students, faculty and staff joined the Eighth Grade and their families in the Princeton Day School Athletic Center as they were honored in a ceremony to celebrate their transition to the Upper School.

Middle School Final Assembly program, front and back pages

Head of MIddle School Renée Price welcomed the PDS community and offered reflections on the past year as well as advice on the year that awaits. “This is a great day on the Great Road. Today is a celebration of all that we achieved this year and all that is yet to be experienced in our lives. I’ve been so amazed, impressed and proud of everyone here because of how you thrive despite the ups and downs of life these past few difficult years. And so my message to you this morning is rooted in love and compassion. There’s never been a more challenging time to be an early adolescent. Or a parent. Or a teacher. A foundation of love and compassion are needed more than ever to allow us to continue to thrive.”

She continued, “Family, teachers, coaches, and friends have encouraged you. They’ve believed in you. They’ve known you are smart and capable. We believed in you perhaps before YOU even believed in you! Nonetheless; you've enthralled us with your podcasts, science labs, linear equations on graphing calculators, design thinking projects, movie making and Barbarian feasts. You laughed during Advisory trivia, argued about who was “out” in the Gaga pit and Four Square, and held deep discussions about what you can do to influence the world around you.”

Middle School Final Assembly program, interior pages

Price concluded her powerful remarks by addressing the future for Eighth Graders: “Your Middle School experience has prepared you well for the adventure to come, but there is still so much to learn and see and do. And students, may you learn love. May you learn acceptance. May you learn strength, resilience and joy. I wish these things for you “more than anything.” From those first nervous days of school, you didn’t come this far to stop growing. I challenge you to keep going. Keep thriving Middle School style! And know that you are indeed ready.”

Enjoy these photos from the Middle School Final Assembly!

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