Middle School Da Vinci Innovators Develop Website for Students

The Da Vinci Program of elective, project-based (and grade-free) courses for 5th-8th grade students is one of most highly valued learning experiences for students, families and the faculty who design these classes each quarter. The offerings allow diverse groups of students and faculty to take risks, explore individual passions, expand their skills and use multiple disciplines to solve problems and create original solutions.

The Panthers Media and Entertainment Committee (PMEC) is a Da Vinci elective that encourages students to write, direct and produce video and other digital media for the benefit of their PDS peer community. Under the supervision of Middle and Upper School Computer Science teacher Toni Dunlap, course participants have spent months creating a website that acts as an information hub for PDS middle schoolers. As a fun way to launch their site, the PMEC also created a news show that highlights the site and includes a sports update, a skit about the importance of composting and even a dancing public service announcement about washing your hands. 

The news show, which was shared with Middle School homerooms on Monday 11/22, is truly, irresistibly entertaining:

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