Lower School Final Assembly Celebrates Year of New Perspectives and Opportunities

This week, lower school students gathered with their families and teachers in the Princeton Day School Athletic Center to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of their next chapter. The final assembly also officially marked the Fourth Grade's departure from Lower School and entry into the Middle School phase of their learning journey!

Dr. Sandy Wang, Head of the Lower School, welcomed students to their final assembly with a heartfelt “good morning, Lower School friends!” for the last time this school year. She began her remarks by explaining that this year’s Lower School assemblies have focused on the concept of perspectives. She explained, “We looked at different ways in which people celebrate religious and cultural celebrations, we learned about many people with different identities that have contributed to our country’s history, and we saw how each one of our unique perspectives is an essential thread of the fabric of our school.”

Lower School Final Assembly program, front page

This theme of perspectives was woven throughout the entire assembly, with Dr. Wang concluding that “No matter which perspective you have, today is one of those very special days with multiple reasons to celebrate. It is a day full of reflection and of promise. So, after the songs and the hugs and maybe even the tears, Lower School friends, I truly hope that you will have a chance to pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.” 

Lower School music teacher Julia Beckmann thoughtfully prepared the Lower Schoolers for this year’s assembly. She remarked, “When I plan for the Final Assembly, I try to take bits and pieces from what the students are learning in all their classes, not just in music. Aaron Schomburg (Lower School science teacher) and I collaborated on his boat making unit in Third Grade by having students write their own sea shanties, also known as sea songs. For the assembly, I found the song "gallant ship" for their grade to perform. The first graders learned about birds, so I chose the folk song "little bird." I even included some common greetings in Spanish, French and Chinese for the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten performance. All of this to say, we had a lot to celebrate this year in the Lower School and I had a great time putting together this program. I'm always looking for new connections and ways to help people realize that everything we do can become a musical experience to be shared!”

Lower School Final Assembly program, back page

Congratulations to all of our Lower School community members! Have a great summer! 

Enjoy this Flickr album of the Lower School Final Assembly!

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