It’s Library Lovers Month!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Princeton Day School! Love is in the air all over campus, but especially in our libraries.

In the Lower School…

For the month of February, the Lower School is celebrating Black History Month with interactive displays, located in the main hallway in front of the LS Library, that feature images of Black authors and illustrators. Danielle Redd, Lower School Librarian and STEAM Specialist, has curated a list of books by Black authors that are also available in the LS library! The displays, which complement efforts in many of the classroom libraries currently highlighting Black joy and daily life, encourage engagement by asking: Which authors are we reading today? What is their perspective? Who do we want to read next? 

Lower School students engage with the interactive library displays that ask prompts like, “I’m an illustrator, and I like to draw…”

In the Middle School…

MS students are refocusing their attention on the lost art of research in the MS Library this month! As a result of last year’s combination of remote and in-person schooling due to the pandemic, internet research became the go-to method for classrooms and libraries to help students conduct research. Recognizing that Middle Schoolers need more opportunities to interact with print materials when researching topics, our MS library once again has become a place where students are encouraged and guided in the use of physical books and documents as resources for study and exploration.  

Middle School students using books as reference materials

In the Upper School…

The Wilson Family Library in the Upper School continues to be a place of inspiration! In honor of Valentine’s Day, students were encouraged to submit “Roses are red…” poems that were displayed in the library entrance. These four-line poems perfectly capture the humor and creativity of not only the students and faculty who were encouraged to submit their poems, but of our brilliant librarians as well. This year’s winner, Ben Maschler ’23, who leveraged the irresistible attraction of the pop-culture phenomenon “Wordle” to secure first place. 

“Roses are red, but so are red bricks, the Wordle was hard, but I got it in six.”
Ben Maschler ’23

Our amazing librarians, Amy Matlack, Sheila Goeke and Danielle Redd, and library assistants are ever-present in their support for our Lower, Middle and Upper School students and faculty, always keeping educational access, lifelong learning and creativity at the forefront of their efforts! We love our libraries at PDS.

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