It's a Wrap! Another Great Mini-Course Week

Another fabulous Mini-Course Week is in the books! Last week, Middle School students immersed themselves in unique week-long course offerings that were big on interdisciplinary, hands-on learning and far-ranging experiences. On-campus visitors flooded in, including a falconer, Civil War re-enactors, a gaming truck (complete with old and new video games and comfy couches) and chocolate connoisseurs, to name a few. 

Our students also traveled throughout the region and beyond, some journeying as far as Cape Cod, MA and Duchess County, NY to enrich their learning. Some attended a Broadway show, a dance workshop, the Museum of Natural History, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and a NBA game in New York City; others walked the hallowed battlefield of Gettysburg, immersed themselves in the world of chocolate at Hershey Park and shared a meal with an Amish family in Lancaster, PA. 

And right here in New Jersey there was plenty to be explored. Some visited Princeton University to get an inside look at college athletics while The Call of the Wild students explored Bird Paradise, the largest bird store in the state. After a kick-off lunch at Brick Farm Restaurant and a week of preparation, including budgeting, menu research, skill-building sessions and shopping for ingredients, the Top Chef participants showed off their new culinary skills by preparing and serving a 5-star tasting menu to their parents.

For an inside look into this year’s Mini Course Week, view the slideshow below and check out our Flickr albums, Volume I and Volume 2, with highlights of all of this year's adventures!


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