International Travel is Back at PDS!

After an autumn of many exciting returns to the Princeton Day School campus, including arts experiences, the Athletic Center community celebration and in-person teacher conferences, we are thrilled to announce that international travel programs are also returning! PDS Upper School families, please join us for information sessions about two spectacular spring break trips at 6:00pm in the Campus Center on Monday, November 15.

  • The Island School in the Bahamas is a unique, completely sustainable campus that presents green living and green thinking with hands-on, fun projects in a beautiful, tropical setting. This program experience, which PDS students and faculty advisors have enjoyed for many years, is a great match for anyone interested in the environment and outdoor education, with direct curricular ties to biology, environmental science and human geography classes. The Island School program also connects to our Energy & Climate Scholars program, EnAct environmental activism club and Garden Apprentice Program.

  • Travel to Greece for Mathematical and Cultural Perspectives! Students will experience the culture and history of Greece as they explore Greece’s many contributions to mathematics and technological innovations from ancient times to the present day. While learning about acoustics at the Theatre of Epidaurus and delving into timekeeping and weather prediction at the Tower of the Winds, students will also participate in cultural activities like their own Olympic Games in the Ancient Olympia Complex, traditional Greek line dancing and authentic Greek cuisine.

These international travel programs have been developed after careful consideration and planning to ensure health and safety with the goal of fostering the knowledge, skills and values of thoughtful global citizenship. Student trips are directly linked to PDS programming and underscore the School’s community values, serving as real-world laboratories for concepts and ideas learned on campus. 

As we re-enter the global classroom, PDS is dedicated to maximizing our students’ learning and bringing the elements of global citizenship to life through meaningful experiences, active engagement and authentic interaction with the host culture. For further questions, please reach out to Christian Cousins

We cannot wait to welcome students back to these life-changing experiences!

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