Harvest Festival Connects PDS Community to Sustainability and Each Other

What a fabulous day for the PDS community! Thank you, sustainability champions: Liz Cutler, Sustainability Program Coordinator; Pam Flory, Garden Program Coordinator; and all of the dedicated EnAct student members, plus the dozens of students who performed, provided artwork, led tours, hosted games and craft activities, presided over information tables, and helped serve up delicious zucchini cake and clay-oven-baked garlic bread.

If you weren't able to see the student performances, you missed some seriously talented and wonderful students. Among the many highlights were the Not Fido band, featuring Zoe Latanision 23's impressive vocals and strong funk instrumentalists Ben Maschler '23 on bass, Gordon Grandbouche on guitar, Diego Vogelman '23 on drums, Connor Lee '23 on the sax and Tyler Kim on keyboards. Gavin Yang '23's incredible card trick and magic act absolutely raised the Alberto Petrella Outdoor Garden Classroom roof and left the crowd completely nonplussed about how he pulled off his miraculous feats. And Marilyn Chen '25's expressive dance performance in Kristy's Meadow, which closed out the festival, lifted the spirits of the many families and students watching from the rim above.

While it was a glorious day to celebrate the harvest season, our beloved organic garden and a new chapter in PDS family togetherness on campus, it was also an important community occasion to reflect on our responsibility to help preserve our planet and become more aware of the many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. As Liz Cutler reminds us, every time we obtain or consume a product we must ask ourselves -- and explore sustainable answers to -- these questions: "Where did it come from? Where is it going?" 

Take a look at a beautiful day of community, connection and purpose in this 2021 Harvest Festival Flickr photo album! (And keep checking back as there are more photos to come!) Below are just a few highlights:


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