Bruno Cucchi ’21: “If You Want It, You Can Do It at PDS”

Bruno Cucchi '21 Reflects on the Impact of Princeton Day School

“At PDS I can do all that I love at the highest level. In many schools, you may hear about ‘the athletes’ and ‘the artists/ and ‘the booksmart’, but here I can be all three.

“In the fall I play soccer, in the winter I act in musicals that consistently win state-wide awards, and in the spring I play lacrosse on a team that has won the Mercer County Championship four years in a row. I'm a co-head of boys a cappella, a member of the madrigals and the Junior Class President. I do all of this while also taking a mixture of some of the most challenging courses the school offers. I don't say this to brag, but rather to show that at PDS, it's possible to spread your wings in many directions. In one sentence: at PDS, if you want it, you can do it. 

"Even though I went to Middle School at PDS, some of my best friends were new in 9th grade. New kids float in with returners and the social scene reaches a new equilibrium. It’s really seamless. I think it’s fitting that freshmen take biology, because the social process is kind of like osmosis!

"Another wonderful aspect of PDS is the connections the teachers foster with the students. I took Mr. Park’s honors chemistry class last year; before that experience I never saw myself as a science person. However, as the year progressed and Mr. Park brought to life a field of science I’d never thought deeply about before, I found I was becoming more and more engaged in the subject. In the spring, he encouraged me to apply for the School’s signature REx program, which fosters independent study in science with a focus on extending those studies at the university level through summer internships in top labs around the country between your junior and senior year. I was fortunate enough to be selected and after a year of independent study here at PDS I applied for and was accepted to intern at New York University this summer. To think that I, who used to favor humanities, am so invested in this process right now, is amazing to me, and shows the great scope of what teachers can do to help students act on their potential. 

"I’ll fine-tune my initial point, like Dalton did to his Atomic Theory (and I think Mr. Park will appreciate that!). If you want it, you can do it. In reality, even if you don’t yet know you want it, you can do it here at PDS."

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