Blue and White Day Captures PDS School Spirit!

Blue and White Day has returned in its full glory to Princeton Day School! Long considered a highlight of the year for many students, faculty and staff, this year’s Blue and White Day delivered a day full of sportsmanship, friendly competition and PDS spirit. 

The day started with the traditional Big Race, which featured runners from every grade passing a baton to members of their respective Blue and White teammates. Starting off with Pre-Kindergarten, the baton is passed to each subsequent grade until a Senior finishes the race. This year, the White team finished first! 

In a departure from tradition, following the Big Race was a very special ceremonial presentation of an engraved baton to Coach Jill Thomas, who has been at the helm of Blue and White days for decades and will be retiring at the end of this school year. Head of School Paul Stellato said, “I think Blue and White Day is one of the most important events we celebrate at Princeton Day School. The person who has been at the center of it for decades, and has turned all of it over to each of you every year, is Coach Thomas. As you know, Coach Thomas will hang up her baton at the end of the year, but we wanted to present her with a blue and white baton that is engraved with the words: Go Blue! Go White! Go Coach Thomas! Thank you for all these Blue and White Days. Congratulations!” 

Head of School Paul Stellato and Coach Jill Thomas

Following the celebration of Coach Thomas’ service to Blue and White Days was the Upper School tug-o-war. Each grade faced off with the entire school cheering on Blues and Whites. After the students competed against each other, PDS faculty and staff took to the turf to face off. It was a swift victory for the Blues, but the crowd reveled in every second of it. 

Faculty and Staff on the Blue team during tug-o-war

Once the school-wide events came to a close, each division split up to participate in round-robins of various activities. The Lower School students each spent time at the Bean Fetch, Spoon and Egg, Sack Race, Beach Ball Relays and All Tag. Middle Schoolers enjoyed rotations of Topple Tube, Track and Field 4x 100 relays, Set ‘em Up, Knock ‘em Down and Capture the Cones. They were also treated to nine amazing performances in McAneny Theater during their annual Variety Show. Upper School students played games of tennis, badminton, kickball and more! They ended their Blue and White Day with games of Flag Football between the Juniors and Seniors. 

2022’s Blue and White Day was a return to the camaraderie that has made the day so special for generations of Panthers. Please enjoy this Flickr album of photographs from the day and stay turned for a highlight video coming soon! 

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