Bird Study Goes Virtual with "Project Feather"

Photo of Ava from 1P building her nest (Shared with permission from Ava's family)

During this last week of the school year, the first grade participated in a special all-day virtual field trip called Project Feather. As First Grade teacher Karen Pike explains, "This is a culmination of our year-long bird study. In the morning, the children rotated through three different activities: one was a visit to the PDS pond hosted by (PDS Garden Coordinator) Pam Flory, one to play a migration game hosted by the event creator, (LS Science teacher) Carolee Van Dervort, and one was a music and movement activity called "Fly Like a Bird" hosted by (P.E. teacher) Mark Adams, (LS Teaching Assistant) Heather Farlow, (LS Music teacher) Julia Beckmann, (LS Librarian) Deborah Koehler and (LS Visual Arts and Design Coordinator) Jenn Gallagher."

Classroom teachers Emily Gallagher, Heather Maione, Naomi Kelly, and Ms. Pike were "chaperones" for their respective classes. Each class was designated a specific bird group: 1P were raptors, 1G were shorebirds and 1M were songbirds.

During the afternoon, the children all built bird's nests, identifying the type of nest they built, and suggesting which kind of bird would make their nest. The event concluded with all of the First Grade students and faculty coming together to view a slideshow (put together by LS Technology Coordinator Carol Olson) of their nest creations, while enjoying at-home treats and celebrating their collective knowledge and love of birds.

Ms. Pike added, "This is an amazing project. The student have for the most part really risen to doing excellent work at home on these nests and I’m so impressed what they made and how much they enjoyed the project."

A news post earlier this year described the bird study in depth.

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