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Announcing Scholastic Art & Writing 2020 Awards for PDS Students 

PDS has learned of the following Scholastic Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mentions awarded to PDS students who submitted writing and art material to this highly popular annual competition. The regional Gold Key winners will move on to judging for national awards, with those winners announced later this spring. Congratulations to all PDS student participants and to these award winners!

Note: Due to the varying regional reporting processes for Scholastic Writing and Art awards, this may not be a complete list. As/if other PDS award winners emerge, the list will be updated.

Writing Awards

Nikita Bhardwaj 21, Gold Keys, Poetry: “1947” and “white dwarf” plus Honorable Mention, Poetry

Krista Caasi 20, Honorable Mention, Poetry

Eleanor Ding 22, Silver Key, Short Story: “pushing youth to the limits” plus Silver Key, Poetry: “Road Trip”

Jenny Fan 22, Silver Key, Poetry: “Layers” plus Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir

Skye Harris 21, Silver Key, Short Story: “the arrival” plus Silver Key, Flash Fiction: “this might be a love poem but i'm not sure”

Adya Jha 24, Gold Key, Critical Essay: “Blurred Borders -- The Kashmiri Crisis” plus Honorable Mention, Critical Essay

Yijing Jin 23, Gold Key, Personal Essay & Memoir: “My TedTalk: The Chinese Firewall”

Neha Kalra 22, Honorable Mention, Short Story

Neha Khandkar 23, Gold Key, Poetry: “Sailor Boy”

Spencer Knerr 20, Silver Key, Flash Fiction: “A Bad Boy” plus Honorable Mention, Flash Fiction

Allison Liang 22, Gold Key, Novel Writing: Decidophobia

Jessie Lin 21, Honorable Mention, Poetry

Navaneeth Rajan 23, Honorable Mention, Humor

Bolin Shen 22, Silver Key, Personal Essay & Memoir: “Dunhuang” plus Silver Key, Flash Fiction, “Love Lies”

Madison Sings 21, Silver Key, Critical Essay: She Cried like a Man: Regret and Feminism in the 19th Century”

Hannah Su ’20, Silver Key, Journalism: “Shanghainese Cuisine: China's Southern Soul Food” plus Silver Key, Humor: “Politicians Answer AP US Government and Politics Questions” plus Honorable Mention, Short Story

Yishi Wang 21, Gold Key, Journalism: “Sustainability and the Trash Stream: Shenzhen’s Evolving Trash Industries Enter a New Era”

Abigail Weinstein ’21, Honorable Mention, Short Story plus Honorable Mention, Critical Essay

Katie Yang 21, Honorable Mention, Poetry

Regional Art Awards

Abigail Weinstein ’21, Silver Key, Mixed Media: "Well Made, Well Wrought" plus 3 Honorable Mentions, Architecture & Industrial Design

Madison Sings ’21, Honorable Mention, Painting

Eleanor Ding ’22, Silver Key, Painting: “sierras of the heart” plus two Silver Keys, Drawing & Illustration: “secrets of the sea” and “mountainscape” plus Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration

Caroline Ewing 22, Gold Key, Photography: “Closing Hours” plus 2 Honorable Mentions, Photography

Joseph Hudicka 20, Silver Key, Photography: “Bobbing” plus 2 Honorable Mentions

Neha Khandkar 23, Honorable Mention, Photography

Allison Liang 22, 3 Honorable Mentions, Photography

Audrey Liang 20, 3 Honorable Mentions, Photography

Aaron Phogat 21, Honorable Mention, Photography

Linda Qu 22, 2 Honorable Mentions, Photography

Bolin Shen 22, Gold Key, Photography: “Arrival” plus Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration: “Mahjong Legend in Manhattan” plus 2 Silver Keys, Drawing & Illustration: “Alone” and “Reflection” plus 2 Silver Keys, Painting: “Summer Lotus” and “The Distant Waters” plus Silver Key, Photography: “Look” plus 4 Honorable Mentions, Photography plus 2 Honorable Mentions, Drawing & Illustration plus Honorable Mention, Painting

Yishi Wang 21, 2 Gold Keys, Photography: “Youth” and “Blues” plus Silver Key, Photography: “Stocked” plus 3 Honorable Mentions, Photography

Fabio Yales 21,Gold Key, Photography: “Blue and Yellow” plus Silver Key, Photography: “Ruin Childhood” plus Honorable Mention, Photography

Kate Yang 21, Honorable Mention, Photography

Esther Apedo 20, Honorable Mention, Photography

Julia Sclove 20, Silver Key, Photography: Chinatown

Maya Shah 21, Silver Key, Photography: Breakthrough plus 3 Honorable Mentions, Photography

Jessie Lin ‘21, Silver Key, Photography: Fumes plus Honorable Mention, Photography plus 2 Honorable Mentions, Painting

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