Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery Presents: May Theme Weeks

The Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery has posted works of art submitted by members of the Princeton Day School community as part of an ongoing project to document life during COVID-19 on the gallery Instagram page.

For the five weeks of May, the gallery will be featuring different themes for each week’s posts, starting this week! This initiative is led by students Linda Qu '22, Bolin Shen '22 and Mehak Dhaliwal '22 in coordination with Jody Erdman '72, Director of the Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery.

The first theme is "Recreating Portraiture," which challenges artists to use their creativity and resourcefulness to recreate famous works of art. This theme is based off of a popular Instagram challenge and hashtag #BetweenArtAndQuarantine. MS Art teacher Deva Watson's students previously took part in this challenge as well and submitted some fantastic recreations!

To see what MS art students created, as well as get some inspiration for your own recreations this week, click here for the previous story and see the example below!

Anyone interested in submitting works to the gallery throughout May, or to ask any questions you have, please email Jody Erdman '72, Director of the Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery at

Here is a list of the themes for the remaining four weeks of May with a brief explanation:

  •  Parents and Grandparents (Week of May 4th)

This week is for our parents and grandparents to shine! All PDS parents and grandparents are encouraged to submit their works of art to the gallery by emailing .jpeg files to Mrs. Jody Erdman (

  •  Nature, Gardening, Walks (Week of May 11th)

As quarantine has kept everyone home, many of you have been hanging around in your yards or your gardens. Or perhaps you’ve been riding on the trails near your house. Show whatever ways you've enjoyed and embraced nature during quarantine!

  • Home Spaces & Sanctuaries (Week of May 18th)

Life during quarantine is all about creating or finding areas within your homes to find peace and comfort. Show us photographs or paintings of your workspaces, bedrooms, patios or wherever else you feel comfortable while navigating life in quarantine.

  • Animals and Pets (Week of May 25)

One of the biggest consequences of life in quarantine is that people everywhere are getting to spend a lot more time with their pets and animals than usual! Share your daily routines, stories, sketches, videos that feature pets and animals!


If you would like to submit works to the Anne Reid '72 Gallery that do not relate to any of the themes above, please send them in to The gallery will continue to post works on Instagram on weekends, as theme weeks will run Monday through Friday.

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