3rd Grade Witnesses Water Cycle in Action

The third graders recently began a new study of the water cycle, thanks to third grade faculty efforts to enhance sustainability-related curriculum by incorporating their traditional coverage of water into a more comprehensive Water Unit complete with hands-on opportunities. The third grade classrooms began the unit by discussing the components of the water cycle and learning why there is essentially the same amount of water on earth today as there was billions of years ago.

Utilizing the newly built Isaac's Greenhouse, the students have the perfect environment in which to witness this amazing process first hand through their very own terrariums! Eric Rempe, Garden Coordinator and US Ceramics teacher, worked with 3rd grade teachers to make this engaging program component possible. First, the children learned about the different layers of a terrarium in class before heading to the greenhouse to put this knowledge into action. Then each student created their own terrarium, documenting each step of the process. They will continue to monitor their terrariums in order to observe the water cycle in action! The graphic below, explaining the project and the thought process behind it, is on display in Isaac's Greenhouse.

Next, the classrooms plan to continue their conversations by looking at their own water consumption and habits and discussing ways to reduce pollution in local waterways. Then the students will shift to considering water through a global lens, exploring water and its role in coral reefs using The Brilliant Deep by Kate Messner as a key resource. We hope to share an update this spring!


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