Fall Coach Fridays: John Woodside’s Reflections on a Successful Season

How would you summarize your season?

Our season has been a good one! While the team always gives everything they’ve got during every race that we have on our schedule, we really prepared this season for the championship races. We recently had Emily McCann ’24 win the Prep B Championship! She knew her opponents’ times and what she needed to do and went out to win by 37 seconds.

Wow! A Prep B champion! Can you talk about the development of this season's team after graduating so many seniors last year?

For us, it wasn't just seniors as we have lost a few other runners this year to injuries. On the boys side, we felt like it was a “rebuilding year,” but we are far ahead of that now and they are working so hard to improve every day. On the girls side, we lost three of our top five runners from last year, but a few of the younger runners have really started to see the positive consequences of their hard work. On both teams, a lot of runners have worked hard and stepped up for this team and we really feel their best work is yet to come.  

It sounds like there was a lot of growth this season, can you talk about your coaching philosophy and how growth is a part of that?

We as coaches try and put practices together to help the team not only improve, but get ready for the upcoming race. The team has grown through hard work and determination and they  have grown in terms of how they compete now versus how they did when the season first started. They understand the purpose of why a practice is geared towards an upcoming race and they understand how to run that race. 

Are there any upcoming races left this season?

On November 13th we will head to Holmdel Park for the NJSIAA Group Non-Public Championship race for the first time, and we are very excited to see what we can do there! 

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