Coach Fridays: Douglas MacMillan Uses Mentorship To Make A Difference

Douglas MacMillan is a certified golf professional as well as a certified golf coach. His golf expertise and experience have been an asset to Princeton Day School, and his philosophies as a coach have been an invaluable resource to all of the student athletes with whom he has worked.

When it comes to playing sports, MacMillan believes that they have the power to teach those who play a lot of life’s most important lessons. He says, “It promotes and rewards hard work and effort, it instills teamwork and a sense of unity and ultimately teaches us humility as we all will eventually fail or lose in competition.” Playing sports undoubtedly has the potential to make a lifelong impact on the athlete, but coaching gives an individual the opportunity to instill these lessons in other ways. MacMillan says, “I enjoy playing sports, especially golf, because you are challenged mentally, physically and emotionally. My hope is to pass on these lessons to the youth of PDS through  coaching, mentoring and teaching.”

Though he was a D1 golf recruit in high school, MacMillan opted to play D3 basketball at Messiah University: “Looking back, I regret not pursuing playing golf at a higher level, but playing both golf and basketball in college helped to define me as a person and set me on my current path, for which I am grateful.” That path would lead him to Princeton Day School after working as an assistant coach at Princeton High School. He says, “I wanted to be a head coach at the varsity level when I found out that PDS was hiring. I immediately applied and was delighted that I was chosen as the head coach.”

Although MacMillan does not serve as a faculty member at PDS, he recognizes that the high academic standards each of our student-athletes are held to have a direct impact on their performance in athletics as well. He says, “PDS is an environment that strives to develop well rounded students, creating men and women who will make a positive impact on those around them and society as a whole.”

MacMillan is looking forward to a successful Spring season. He remarks, “My goal for this season is to continue to improve as a team, building on our strengths and minimizing our weaknesses.  By focusing on the individual needs of our players and helping them to improve, we will ultimately see improvement as a team and in the program.”

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