Coach Fridays: Angela Adams and a Lifetime of Softball

Angela Adams has been playing softball her entire life and continues to play today. Although playing softball has helped her find herself, and even led to meeting her husband, she still believes that coaching is her favorite aspect of the sport.

She says, “After being a head coach for almost 8 years, I think I can say that I enjoy coaching more than playing because I bring the passion I have for this sport to young athletes who are eager to learn from me and improve their own skills. I take a lot of pride in what I do and nothing brings me greater joy than the success of my players and my team. Softball is more than just a sport. It is a community that connects us all.” 

Since Adams has been playing softball since she was five years old, she acquired a lot of skill for the game. She would go on to play as a 4 year varsity starter at Lawrence High and as a catcher and center fielder at Mercer County Community College. Although she made it to the NJCAA Division II World Series, she suffered a knee injury that would render her unable to complete her softball career as an athlete. She would go on to transfer to Penn State and become the team manager for their softball team, staying as close to the game as she could.

Angela Adam's Senior Day, Lawrence High 2009

Even during activities outside of softball, Adams was finding herself talking about the sport. When describing how she started working at Princeton Day School, she recalls, “I attended a yoga class and started talking softball to one of the women taking the class with me. It turns out that she was the assistant coach of the PDS Middle School softball team! She asked if I would be willing to come and help coach the pitchers. I came for 3 sessions and was spotted by Paul Lano, who was the head coach of the varsity team at the time, and who I also knew through my coaching job at Game Time Performance. He asked me to be the assistant coach of the varsity team with him for the 2017 season and I coached alongside of him for 2 seasons until he resigned. I interviewed for the head coaching position for the 2019 season and here I am now!” 

Coaching at PDS has been a rewarding experience for Adams. She is among the coaches who do not teach classes at the School, so she has a unique perspective about the ways in which the academic environment translates on the field. She says, “PDS has a lot to offer its students and my athletes have a lot of Panther Pride. There is a strong sense of community at this School that I think every school needs.”

When it comes to this spring season, Adams is looking forward to not only working with her team, but wrapping up a special bond with one senior who has been working with her since 2018. She says, “We have had a challenging schedule this season, so I am really looking forward to seeing my team continue to grow as softball players! Also, I only have one senior on the team this year, Courtney Richter. She has been playing for me since her freshman year. She has been such a great addition to this team and I am so lucky to have been able to coach her! I wish her the best of luck at the University of Arizona next year.”

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