Upper School Fall Play Captivates Audiences with Imagination and High Spirits

The guests arrived in their sweaters and jackets as they made their way to the pop-up outdoor theater at Princeton Day School for the Upper School fall play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Although an eye was always kept on the ever-changing weather conditions, the moment the actors took their place on stage, every member of the audience was immersed. 

Showing the play outdoors served two purposes: actors and audience members could move more freely and unmasked, while the gorgeous backdrop of changing leaves added to the sense that everyone was in the woods with these characters as hilarity and chaos ensued. 

Every member of the cast seemed liberated by the outdoor environment and the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience; they joyfully connected with the audience and each other uninhibited by any trace of self-consciousness. From the doubling of Laney Alvarado ’25’s graceful Hippolyta and Fairy to Andre Williams ’22’s uproarious Bottom, each participant found a way to stand out and shine whenever they were on stage.

The amount of planning and pivoting that took place to get to the opening of the show, as described by director Stan Cahill in an earlier interview before the show’s premiere, could have been a barrier to many. However, the professionalism and tenacity of our student actors and crew was beaming through for every minute of the one-hour runtime.


Enjoy these photos from the dress rehearsal and the link to the full video recording of the play! Check back as we update with photos from the performances.

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