PDS Science Journal

Our team at the PDS Science Journal, fueled by our fascination with the sciences, utilizes our knowledge and curiosity to produce STEAM-related articles that will enrich our community. Founded by Anjali Bhatia ’21 and Luigi Soriano ’20, the journal is run entirely by PDS students who are actively involved in the sciences. This space acts as a platform for students to write analytically and think carefully about scientific developments happening around the world and within our own School. Filled with articles that range from ways to restrict the spread of brain cancer to the latest feats of the PDS Science Olympiad team, the Science Journal reflects the multitude of explorations that make up the PDS science experience.
Anjali Bhatia ’21
Sarina Hasan '22
Nikita Bhardwaj '21
Madison Sings ’21
Quinton Covington '21
Faculty Advisor:
Jason Park
Aaron Phogat ’21
Hayden Masia ’21
Brooke Littman ’21
Jasmine Maggio ’21
Quinton Covington ’21
Jules Romano ’21
Sophia Maggio ’22
Elizabeth Lee ’22
Allison Liang ’22
Mehak Dhaliwal ’22