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Focus Notes - 1/27

While she was away at camp for the summer, Laura Picard decided to take a risk and sign up for a whitewater rafting trip. As a passenger in one of two vans, she spent the four hour drive learning all about her fellow campers. Little did she know, she would end up staying up all night making memories with her new friends! She says, “Going on this trip helped me learn that I have to be flexible, and that it doesn’t matter who I'm grouped with. Instead of complaining or sitting in silence, just make the most out of the experience and don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.”

Baseball is a huge part of Logan Downey’s life. During the last ten years that he’s been playing the sport, he has learned a number of life lessons as well as the reasons why the game is so special to him: the thrill and fun of the game; the camaraderie between teammates, and the opportunity to be in the spotlight. Logan’s commitment to becoming a stronger baseball player is evident in how he spends his time - most of which is either playing or practicing! He says, “Baseball has become a strong example of who I am. It affects my daily Middle School life, and I hope it will be a part of me for my entire life.”

Learning languages was never something Eddie Letko was interested in. That is, until he took a trip to the Ukraine to learn more about his family’s history in 2017. While abroad, Eddie learned about the history, customs and traditions of Ukraine. Most notably, Eddie was able to grow an appreciation for their language and how it reflects their culture. He says, “All in all, learning languages has significantly impacted my life and how I see the world, and I hope that you can find something that impacts your life, as languages did to mine.”

Pierson DelVecchio has been a dancer since she was three years old. She knew as soon as she started dancing that it would be a lifelong passion. With such passion comes major commitment, and Pierson never shied away from how much time she needed to spend practicing her craft. While it can be challenging to juggle homework and stick to the rigorous schedule of her elite team, she says, “Although this year has been challenging, I am grateful for having reached the next level of training I was looking for. Overall, dance has made me a better human being and athlete.”