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Focus Notes - 2/24

Carter Price has a serious allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. While he has admittedly had some slip-ups that might’ve been avoided, he’s found that his most frustrating attacks come when a food item has a surprising ingredient – for instance, when beef tacos at a taco stand in Philadelphia are made with cashew butter! Since the taco incident, he always carries an Epi-pen. Although Carter has been discouraged by his allergy, he says, “I’ve come to realize that my allergy doesn’t have to be a hindrance to me as long as I’m careful and optimistic.”

Gus Shapiro is a big fan – not necessarily of waking up early in the morning on Sunday, but definitely of watching the Arsenal soccer team compete. Since his favorite team is English, Gus is forced to watch the games in his own time zone. While he recognizes that Arsenal is not the strongest team in the league, Gus is still adamant about supporting them. He says, “I strongly recommend everyone find something they support…so they have something to believe in, a way to escape and a place to put your emotions into.”

Cody Suh knows how challenging it can be to start over. Whether it’s in a new home or at a new school, he has had a number of experiences that have shaped him into the person he is today. Over the years, Cody has learned how to maintain relationships with people he may not see every day, like his brother who moved to a boarding school or his old friends from previous schools. All of this change has taught Cody a valuable lesson: “If there is one thing I have learned in my chaotic life, it is to just live in the moment.”

Everyone has a happy place, and Scarlett von Zelowitz’s is Sweden. Her father made a promise to bring his children to Sweden every year, just like his mother brought him, and he has continued the tradition for all of Scarlett’s life! Whether it’s fishing, spending time with her family or enjoying the lack of wifi, she is absolutely “dazzled” by the country and the memories she has made while visiting each summer. She says, “If my speech has made you want to go to Sweden even a tiny bit more, I’ve done my job.”