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After School Programs

Princeton Day School offers several options for after school programs.

Stay & Play is a childcare program, which begins immediately after school and ends at 6:00pm. Every day children have a snack provided by us, then play outdoors on the playground unless it is raining. Be sure to have your child come prepared with appropriate clothing for outdoor play.

Register for stay & Play

After School Courses are a fun and convenient way for students to pursue a special interest beyond the offerings of the school curriculum. We welcome PDS students, their siblings and children from other schools in these classes. PDS students taking after school courses will meet with Stay and Play until their courses begin.


Registering for After School Programs
If your child will be a regular participant in the Stay & Play program and/or will be enrolling in After School Courses fill out the appropriate online forms. Registration for After School Courses is done on a first received, first enrolled basis. If you wish to have your child attend Stay & Play and you haven’t registered, please email or call Heidi Spillane (609) 924-6700 x 1502 a day in advance to register.

School Calendar
Please note that After School Courses are not offered on days school is closed or dismissed early. With sufficient enrollment, the Stay & Play program offers childcare on certain days when school is not in session.

Contact Numbers
8:00am -3:30pm: (609)-924-6700 x 1500 (LS Office) or (609)-924-6700 x 1502 (Heidi Spillane)  

3:00pm – 6:00pm: (609)-924-6700 x 1502 (Stay & Play-Heidi Spillane) or (609)-915-0145 (Stay and Play Phone)

Inclement Weather
The After School Programs follow the school’s inclement weather policy. In case of a school closing and/or early dismissal, Stay & Play and After School Courses will be canceled.

Pick-up and Late Pick-Up
You may pick up your child from the Stay & Play program any time prior to 6:00pm. When a parent or designated adult arrives at school the “check out time” is recorded at the time the child exchanges a goodbye with the Stay & Play teacher. Persons other than parents who are authorized to pick up a child must be listed on the online registration form, or an email should be sent to indicating the name of the person authorized to pick up. Late pick-ups cause worry and frustration for everyone. If you are not able to pick up your child by 6:00pm, you will be charged the late pick-up fee.

Children attending an After School Course will be picked up in front of the Lower School. Ten minutes after the end of courses, PDS students will be escorted to the Stay & Play Program where there is an hourly charge.

Program Fees and Billing
The PDS Business Office will bill student accounts monthly for Stay & Play. The hourly rate for Stay & Play is $10.50* with the full-time weekly rate set at $147.00*. Late pick-up from Stay & Play is billed at $2.00 for each one-minute period after 6:00pm. After School Courses may be paid for directly by check, or PDS families can have course fees billed to their account. Once a student has been enrolled in an After School Course no refund will be given unless a class is canceled.