Athletic Center Dedication

Please note:  Attendees need to show proof that they are either fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have received a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the Dedication.  All attendees regardless of age or vaccination status will be required to wear masks while inside the Athletic Center.

Athletic Center Dedication Poster

Join Us!


Look Who's Coming

Dean Acquaviva
Mark Adams
Vaibhav Agarwal and Reema Gupta
Ashley and George Aitken-Davies
Jan Baker
Marjorie Barlet
Karin and Rodney Belgrave
Melissa and Rich Bernardi
Sandy Bing h'87 and Iris Bing
Chris Bobbitt and Tiffany Smith
Lindsay Bracken and
     Michael Bracken '98
Marc and Sue Brahaney
Barbara Brent
Rebecca Bushnell '70
Stan and Catherine Cahill
Carlos Cara
Sarah Chen
Zhen and Junjie Chen
Carol Chiang-Li and Ronald Li
Daniel and Stephanie Cohen
Barbie Cole '78 and Chris Cole
Geoff and Kerri Cook
Darrell Chambers and
     Zaneta Chambers '95
Josie Crafford
Jeanne and Chris Crowell 
Julie Cucchi
Liz Cutler
Jixin Dai
Jennifer and Philip DelVecchio
Peter Erdman '43
Leila Estes
Dana Falconi '96 and Kyle Falconi
Laura Farina '79
Heather Farlow
Katie Fay
Stuart Ferguson
Susan Ferguson
Galina Flider and Sergey Kriloff
Myriam Folkes
Runlian Fu
Bev Gallagher
Emily and Spencer Gallagher
Brian Hickel and Amy Gallo '03
Ignacio and Arancha
Tom Gates '78 and Tracey Gates
Beth Geter-Douglass '82
Dulany and David Gibson
Sheila Goeke
Jill Goldman '74
Robin Gosnell
Bonniwell Graham III
Sarah Graham
Keith and Annie Haan
Seraphine Hamilton
Mohammad Haque
Caroline Erdman Hare '75
Dave Harrower '80
Rachel Herr
Courtney Hodock
Lynch Hunt Jr. '85
Liliana Janhofer
Seth Joseffer and Patricia Kim
Supriya and Amit Karande
Kaylie Keesling
Asad Khan
Paula and Ludwig Koerte
Andy Lee
Caroline Lee
Frank and Annie Li
Cindy and Jud Linville
Linda Lippman
Jinghua Liu
Joanne Liu
Qian Liu
Jason and Adrienne Longo
William Macco
Amanda Maher and Amar Gautam
Lilia and Simon Mawson
Ramy and Cynthia Mahmoud
Jessica Manners
Mia Manzulli
Lee Maschler
Livia Wong McCarthy '77
Jon McConaughy '85 and
     Robin McConaughy '87
Tony McKinley
Paris McLean '00
Alicia and Kevin Merse
Cindy Michalak
Sumit and Gina Mukherjee
Dan and Ingrid Murdock
Mirna and Alain Nahas
Shekar Namireddy
Lia Nielsen '00 and
     Jason Kliwinski
Stacey Nieves
Carol Olson
Natalie and Andrew Otoo
Henry and Uzoma Owunna
Feng Pan
Riten Patel and Reeveka Bhuyan
Jennifer Peck-Nolte
Howie Powers '80
Maggie and Mike Powers
Mibs Southerland and
     Chris Price '79
Tara Quigley
Catherine Quinlan
Angharad Rebholz and
     Michael Blaakman
Eric Rempe
Chris Rhodes
Mike Rich
Barbara Richards
Patrik Ringblom
Kim Roesing
Wendy Roitburg
Tomasz Rzeczycki
Mark Samse
Stefanie Santangelo
Jeffrey and Cassandra Schmidt
Pat Amaral and Kathy Schulte
David and Ruth Scott
Gwendolyn Scott-Hodges '78
Ryan Seldon
Aly Seydi
Anjali and Rahul Shah
Candy Shah and Paul Shah '90
Amy Sharpless
Melanie Shaw
Shon Khan and Mehnaz Sheikh
Maggie Shen
Marie and John Shock
Chandra Smith
Linda Maxwell Stefanelli '62
Paul and Maureen Stellato
Ashley Stenger
Kitty Stillufsen
Ramamirtham Sukumar
Lisa Surace
Martha Sword '73
Brad and Mary Teryek
Hilleary Thomas '84
Jill Thomas
Matt Trowbridge
Paul and Joy Turchetta
Priti Vaghasiya
Eric and Holly Vandal
Nils von Zelowitz '88 and
     Leigh-Anne von Zelowitz
Barbara Walker
Chaohui Wang
Sandra Wang
Lisa Warren '71
Louise Wellemeyer and
     John Wellemeyer '52
Holly Welles
Stephen Acunto and 
     Veronica White '94
Ann Wiley '70
Anne Williams '74
Treby Williams '80
Dolores Wright
Darius and Tracy Young
Fengying Zeng