Planned Giving

Miss Fine’s School was established in 1899 by May Margaret Fine, who recognized the importance of women’s education. She was insistent that the school’s curriculum include English, French, Latin, History, and Mathematics. Today, Princeton Day School continues Miss Fine’s mission of providing students access to an excellent academic program, a premier arts curriculum, an array of high caliber sports teams, and community service. In order to perpetuate her legacy, The May Margaret Fine Society was formed to provide for the Princeton Day School future through planned giving.

Legal Name: Princeton Day School
PDS Tax ID: 210727645
Date of incorporation: 1965
Address: 650 Great Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

May Margaret Fine Society

Princeton Day School established the May Margaret Fine Society to recognize the generosity of all who name PDS as beneficiary of a bequest, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or other types of estate planned giving arrangement–gifts that will help maintain quality of all PDS programs for future generations.

Please contact Katherine Schulte, Director of Advancement, at or (609) 924-6700 ext. 1255 for additional information.

Planned Gifts will help PDS:

  • Provide generations of students with an exceptional academic experience
  • Ensure the financial strength of PDS for the future
  • Support the development and pursuits of the outstanding faculty

Many members of The May Margaret Fine Society seek to ensure the school’s future by strengthening our endowment. Gifts may be designated for a specific purpose or left unrestricted to give flexibility to direct funds to the areas of greatest need.


Why would I want to make a planned gift instead of a regular donation?

Many people talk about wanting to make a meaningful gift to Princeton Day School, but their current circumstances – having a family, starting a business, or heading toward retirement – means that they may not have the cash on hand to make an outright gift. Many are already loyally supporting PDS with an Annual Fund gift but are hoping to "someday down the road" do something more. In either case, making a planned gift and becoming a member of the May Margaret Fine Society is a wonderful way to make a difference on The Great Road. You do not need great wealth to make Princeton Day one of the beneficiaries in your will, your life insurance or your retirement fund. It is a simple and gratifying way to support PDS and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you've given back to the school that has done so much for you and your family.

Can someone who is relatively young join the May Margaret Fine Society?

Of course you can. Did you know that most people create their wills between 30 and 40 years of age, long before they know what kind of "estate" they're actually going to have. Joining the May Margaret Fine Society by making a bequest to Princeton Day School in your will is a great option at any age. We recommend that you talk with your attorney or financial advisor about the specifics, but in many cases you can indicate in your will that you wish to give a percentage of your estate (rather than an exact amount). This option allows your intended gift for PDS to grow as your assets increase during your lifetime. Regardless of your age, a bequest in your will makes certain that your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are aware of your desire to help Princeton Day School.

What sort of assets can I use to make a gift?

PDS gratefully accepts various kinds of gifts such as: cash, publicly traded securities, life insurance, or the balance of your retirement account. Other assets can be very valuable but are more complicated to administer and must be reviewed by the School before we can accept them as gifts: real estate, closely held stock, artwork, and collectibles.

What tax deduction will I receive for my gift?

It depends on the form your gift takes, but we suggest you contact your financial advisor for a more detailed explanation:

* Bequests do not generate a lifetime income tax deduction. They are exempt from estate tax.

* Gifts of Personal Property, like art, books and collectibles, are fully deductible so long as they are relevant to our mission.

* Outright gifts of Appreciated Securities are deductible at fair market value, with no recognition of capital gains -- a great tax benefit!

* Similarly, Life Insurance Distributions to Princeton Day School are not income-tax deductible, but are exempt from estate tax. If you have made us the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a policy during your lifetime, you may deduct annual gifts that offset premium payments.

* The charitable deduction for a gift that returns income to you, such as a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust is the fair market value of the gift asset minus the present value of the income interest you retain.

Can Princeton Day School serve as the Executor of my Estate?

No. State law, the limitations of our corporate powers, and our internal policies prevent us from taking such a role in your affairs.

If I create a bequest or life-income gift, will Princeton Day School continue to ask me for annual contributions?

We will. Both commitments address two different and critical needs. Your Planned Gift is a significant addition to our long-term financial strength -- our ability to meet the challenges and opportunities the future will bring. Your Annual Fund support has an immediate impact on our students and teachers as it provides unrestricted funding for the school’s current year operating needs.

What if Princeton Day School is already in my will?

First and foremost, thank you! You should reach out to Peter Boyer, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer ( or 609-924-6700 ext. 1251) so that you can be recognized as a member of the May Margaret Fine Society.

Planned Giving Goals

Honor someone special with a tribute gift that costs you nothing during your lifetimeBequest: A gift through your will or trust
Include a gift of CASH, PROPERTY, or a SHARE of your estate through your will or trust
Make a significant gift that does note affect your cash flow and can be changed down the road
Make a gift while leaving more of your estate to your heirsGift of Retirement AssetsPDS is named a beneficiary of your retirement planAvoid up to 60% income tax on your retirement assets and pass less taxed assets to your heirs
Make a gift while avoiding Capital Gains liabilityGift of Appreciated SecuritiesTransfer stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares to PDSReceive an immediate income tax deduction and pay no capital gains tax
Leverage a valuable asset to make a significant giftGift of Real EstateDeed property to PDS and continue to use it for as long as you wishAvoid Capital Gains tax and receive an income tax deduction for a that does not affect your lifestyle
Make an extraordinary gift at minimal cost to yourselfGift of Life InsuranceName PDS as a beneficiary on an existing policy or donate a life insurance policy you no longer needTake a tax deduction and possible future deductions through gifts to pay policy premiums
Make a future gift and secure extra cash flow for yourselfCharitable Gift Annuity Charitable Remainder Trust Charitable Lead TrustShare your assets with PDS in a plan that gives you guaranteed payments and supports our missionReceive tax advantaged payments for life, along with a large charitable tax deduction