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The Princeton Day School Community is made stronger by our connections to one another. Student to teacher, colleague to colleague, friend to friend. We inspire, lift one another up and make each other better, and that is something to celebrate. Below check out some of the messages our community is sharing with one another in honor of the Day of Giving! If you are viewing on a mobile device, click the photo to reveal the message. 

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Thanks PDS for the opportunities you give your students! I am grateful every day. Sending love to my classmates from the Class of 2003 as they navigate this unprecedented time with their careers and families.

From: Joanna Bowen '03

Thank you, PDS Annual Fund Volunteers!

Love, Katie Fay



From: Ava '19, Jacob '22, Mason '27

Thank you Ms. Graham and the PDS College Counseling Team!

From: Vanessa Mahjied

PDS families, you are loved and cared for! 💙

From: The Price Family

Thank you, PDS Coaches!

From:  Katie Fay

A special thank you to my students, colleagues in the middle school, homeroom #115, and everyone in the PDS community who has made my first year teaching at PDS unforgettable!

From: Toni Dunlap

Thank you to my colleagues Christine Cantera, Andy Lee and Jamie Will on the PDS Communications Team for continually working behind the scenes with me to help support Princeton Day School. This team's unwavering commitment to putting the PDS community first is second to none! And thank you to team member Annabeth Donovan, too, who was here this year until her leave commenced on April 3, when Jamie stepped in!

From: Melanie Shaw

Field hockey, anyone? Remembering our sports teams -- and those oh-so-chic uniforms ;-) -- at PDS!

From: Laura B. Peterson '67

To: Mrs. Gallagher

Love, Campbell Bracken '31

Bruno and Jordan, Blue and White Day 2012: BLUE Panthers for Life!

Congratulations to the Great Class of 2020! I miss you and look forward to celebrating with you in person soon!

Much love, Dr. Manzulli

Go Blue!

We miss our PDS family! Thank you for all that you are doing during these uncertain times.

From: The Merse Family

I wanted to say thank you to all the senior spring athletes. Obviously, it is upsetting for all of us to have our spring season potentially (and probably) wiped out but especially for the seniors. Thank you for all you have done for PDS and PDS athletics.

From: Will ’21

To all you 2020 lifers, we have been together for many years and we will have wonderful memories of all the PDS activites we shared. Miss You!

From: Linda Madani

I am so thankful for the positivity of my colleagues and a special shout-out to the History Department for all the text messages, videos, memes and hilarity! I miss you all so much and can't wait to be with you again.

From: Stefanie Santangelo

2 Lifers + 2 Proud Parents = Panther LOVE!

From: The Schulte Amarals

Proud Panthers since 2003!

From: The Bernardi Family

Peace, health and love from the PDS English Department, grooving along in their coordinating Baja hoodies!

Blue Panther Pride! Roll BLUE

To KL and Mr. L,

I miss you PDS!

Eliza '32

The PDS community is like a second family to us. Veronica has always received encouragement to grow into the best version of herself. Thank you so much to the dedicated teachers, staff, parents, and peers for providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.   

From: Carol, Ron, and Veronica Li '22

Ms. Mangino, you are truly the best. Thanks for being a caring teacher and a stellar Dean of 8th grade!

From: Katy Terry

Thank you, Ms. Bhalla, for answering questions so patiently, for having helpful Google Meets, and for being so encouraging.

From: Katy Terry

PDS Athletics has been a place to build character , discipline and friendships. We appreciate all our coaches. This season we especially miss our lacrosse coaches, Coach Thomas and Coach Young .

From: Linda Madani

To the PDS Varsity Figure Skating Team... Berlicia, Zoë, Hannah, Elaine, Amy, Eleanor, Jessie, Gabrielle, Natasha, Maya, Katie, Jenny and Rina. I just wanted to say... you are all awesome and I miss seeing you at the rink every day! I'm so proud of all of you for staying home and keeping a smile on your face! We are in this together! Go team!

-Coach Hodock

Thank you PDS, and shoutout to PDS Tech Crew & Cymbals Magazine! We also want to thank Ben Malone, Stan Cahill, Mr. McCulloch, Ms. Mangino and Mr. Gudgel, Mr. Mayer, Mr. Hirniak, and Mr. Powers, as well as our co-advisors Mr. Rhodes and Mr. B, for making our PDS experiences unforgettable! 

From: Sara Chopra ‘18 and Max Difazio ‘18

Thank you Mrs. Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

From: Ethan Fede '29

Thank you so much Mrs.Vradenburgh for helping Lucas with online learning this year!

From: Liliana Janhofer

We love you PDS! Words cannot describe the beautiful place Princeton Day School holds in our hearts. From the incredibly hard working admissions team, to the beyond amazing teachers and security staff, to the dedicated coaches, Princeton Day School has the most amazing community. Our hearts are full. Be well everyone! Miss you all so much.

From: Stacey Nieves P’24, ‘29

Sending love to the great Class of '03!

From: Amy Gallo '03

Thank you to Mrs. Renee Price, Mr. Jonathan Martin, and all of the wonderful 7th grade PDS teachers for creating such a structured, meaningful remote learning environment (Panthers Online!) for our students during these unprecedented times. We couldn't be prouder to be a part of the fabulous PDS community. Sincerest gratitude!

From: The Figel Family (Frank, Lisa, and Addison)