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Play with the best scholastic players in New Jersey!

Princeton Day School hosts monthly scholastic chess tournaments, designed to welcome the most novice of tournament players and to inspire the most accomplished. Chess players from more than 30 elementary and middle schools from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania compete as individuals and as school teams, with a typical attendance of over 130 students. Tournament Rules such as touch move are applied. Pairings are by swisssys within each section.

Sections – Nine student sections are offered so that each player can find the right level of challenge and satisfaction. One additional section for parents of players is open to all levels:

• UNRATED SECTIONS: "No Score" (K-1 new players); K-1 (must know how to checkmate);
Novice 1 (K-6 beginners)

• RATED SECTIONS: Novice 2 (K-8 U-600); Reserve (K-12 U-800); Open (K-12 U-1000); Closed (K-12 1000-1200); Future Masters (K-12 over 1200); Near Masters (K-12 1400-1600); Under 2000 (K-12 rated over 1600 and under 2000 and Parents of Players (open)

US CHESS FEDERATION MEMBERSHIP is required for players in the RATED sections, including the Parents section. The link for joining the USCF is here ( Membership is inexpensive and your player will receive a rating, which after playing in several tournaments is a measure of tournament skill and helps place your player in an appropriate section.

ROUNDS AND TIME CONTROLS: All sections for players rated Under 1000 have four rounds, G25/d5 or G30 (30 minutes per player per round), SS (Swiss System pairings) starting at 12:30pm (players meeting at 12:20). A special National Championship Training Section for players U1000: 3 rounds, G55/d5 or G60 will start at 10:30 a.m.

Sections for players OVER 1000 will start at 10:30. Please check in at 10:15. The Closed section has 3 rounds, G55/d5, pre-registration required. The Future Masters has 3 rounds, G55/d5, pre-registration required. Near Masters has 3 rounds, G55/d5 pre-registration required. Under 2000 has 3 rounds G55/d5. In the case of a small section, players may be paired with an opponent twice. The Closed, Future Masters, Near Masters and Under 2000 sections may be merged, depending on enrollment.

BYES: A half point bye is available in Round 1. Request the bye by emailing Bonnie Waitzkin,

Registration & Schedule
Please note: preregistration closes at 6 p.m. Friday evening prior to tournament
No Score, K-1, Novice I (K-6 beginners), Novice 2, Reserve, Open Parents
Pre-Registration preferred
On-site registration: 11 a.m. to Noon
Check-In (if pre-registered) by Noon
First Round Starts: Players meeting 12:20; play 12:30 p.m.

Pre-Registration required
Check-in  by 10:15 a.m.
First Round Starts: 10:30 a.m.

Closed (K-12 1000-1200)
Pre-Registration required
On-site registration: n/a
Check-In (if pre-registered) by 10:15 a.m.
First Round Starts: 10:30 a.m.

Future Masters (K-12 1200-1400)
Pre-Registration required
On-site registration: n/a
Check-In (if pre-registered) by 10:15 a.m.
First Round Starts: 10:30 a.m.

Near Masters (K-12 1400-1600)
Pre-Registration required
On-site registration: n/a
Check-In (if pre-registered) by 10:15 a.m.
First Round Starts: 10:30 a.m.

Under 2000 (K-12 1600-2000)
Pre-Registration required
On-site registration: n/a
Check-In (if pre-registered) by 10:15 a.m.
First Round Starts: 10:30 a.m.

Parents of Players
Pre-Registration preferred
On-site registration: 11 a.m. to Noon
Check-In (if pre-registered) by Noon
First Round Starts: 12:45 p.m.

REGISTRATION FEE:  If you preregister, you pay your registration fee at the door when you check in. Fee for  pre-registered players is $35; on site registration fee is $45. Entry fees for the Greater Princeton Championship are $40 and $50. Cash or check to "Bonnie Waitzkin."

AWARDS – Round times will be accelerated when possible and awards will be presented as soon as a section is finished to minimize your wait time. The tournament usually ends before 5 p.m.

Plaques will be given to the top six players and the top three teams in each scored section, with the exception of players in the over 1000 sections, which will not offer team plaques and will initially offer only three individual plaques. (If more than one player has a perfect 4-0 score in any section, they will share first place and an additional plaque will be ordered, if necessary.)

TEAMS-All participants will receive a chess medal. A team must consist of at least two players from the same school. The top three scores by players from the same school count toward the team total. Team plaques will be awarded to the top three teams in the each of the afternoon sections: for players rated under 1000 and for unrated players.

At the GREATER PRINCETON CHAMPIONSHIP in December, trophies will be presented to all individual winners and there will be a souvenir trophy for all players.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Please do not park in the fire lanes.
Parental supervision is required for the duration of the tournament and children are asked not to roam through the school. Pizza, sandwiches and snacks are sold onsite and parents may access our wireless internet service from the Campus Center.

SNOWDAYS - If it is necessary to postpone the tournament because of snow, there will be an early morning announcement at Early registration online will be transferred to the tournament on the snowdate (usually one week later) unless you email to cancel.

Chess news



April: On a beautiful spring day Saturday more than 75 young chess players gathered in the gymateria to test their skills over the board against one another. Read More

Many PDS students played up to more challenging sections: third grader Jai Kasera played in the Over 1000 rated CLOSED section for the first time at the longer time control, and In OPEN second grader Eric Wu and first grader Abinov Mundayat played for the first time, which is very challenging. First grader Aiyan Doshi won all his games in the Novice I section for first place. At the players meeting, Ian Nagelberg and Sasson Ziv-Loewy led the discussion of tournament rules. Parent volunteers Zhanyun Zhao and Joanne Snow helped with registration and the score table, while Reuben Loewy and his two boys announced the rounds in the campus center. 

Aiyan Doshi (unr.) 4.0 FIRST PLACE
Patrick Ming (unr.) 3.0 2nd place
Ellie Turchetta (unr.) 2.0 4th place


Akshay Arun (297) 3.0 THIRD place
Jacob Kaleem (357) 2.5 7th  place

Michael Kaleem (566) 2.5 4th place
Katherine Ka Jain (733) 2.5 5th place
Jameson Reilly (525) 2.0 6th place
Boaz Ziv-Loewy
Sasson Ziv-Loewy
Ian Nagelberg

Eric Wu (862) 2.0 5th place
Abinav Rajiv Mundayat (827) 1.0

Jai Kasera

Albert Ming (1351) 2.0
Bryce Powell (1365) 2.0
Nicholas Jain (1275) 0.0

March: On a beautiful, sunny Saturday last weekend the PDS Chess Tournament had a large turnout with more than 110 players from schools across NJ. read more

PDS fourth grader Jason Ma won first place in NOVICE I with four wins. Second grader Eric Wu won all four games to take the first place plaque in NOVICE II. Jai Kasera tied for first place with three wins in OPEN. In the highest rated section NEAR MASTERS, Albert Ming tied for first place with 2 ½ and smoothly won the blitz tiebreak game with the black pieces! Many of our players chose to play in a stronger section this spring, which enhanced the drama of the games.

IN K-1
Aryan Reddy  2nd place
Simran Malik 3rd place

Jason Ma (unr.) 4.0  first place
Aiyan Dipal Doshi 3.0 tied for second
Ellie Turchetta  2.5
Patrick Ming  2.0
Shivani Manikandan 2.0
Lucas Furlonge 1.5
Brooke Bartlett 1.5
Penn Von Zelowitz  1.0
Abigail Leonardi  1.0

Eric Wu  4.0
Jameson Reilly  3.0
Jacob Kaleem  2.0
Fife Akinyanmi  2.0
Colton Simonds  1.0

Boaz Ziv-loewy  3.0
Michael Kaleem  2.0
Sasson Ziv-loewy  2.0
Amogh Aad Shankar  2.0
Katherine Jain  1.5
Ian Nagelberg  1.0

Jai Kasera 3.0 993 first place

Bryce Powell  3rd place

Albert Ming 2.5  first place
Rahul Rajaram

February: New Jersey Primary, Elementary and Junior High Championship. read more

On a sunny, spring-like day February 23, twenty one PDS chessplayers and their families gathered at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ, for the New Jersey Primary, Elementary and Junior High Championship. Our seasoned players in ELEMENTARY K-6 drove the competition with their winning strategy of long hard fought games, resting between rounds, lights off before the last round, and tough fifth game matches, to take FIRST PLACE TEAM.  Albert Ming placed 3rd overall in ELEMENTARY with 4 wins and one draw. Kai Shah placed 13th overall with 4 wins.  Nick Jain represented PDS in the Junior High section with three wins. 

Our Primary Team included many first graders who would face tough opponents in this K-3 competition, including Abinav Mundayat, Fife Akinyanmi, Jacob Kaleem, Patrick Ming, Ellie Turchetta and Aiyan Doshi. Missing because of illness was Winston Ni, our highest rated 3rd grade player, who would have been sitting on board one. Our players won and lost and went over their games with coaches, practiced recording, and some first graders even recorded their moves for the first time.  In the end, our PRIMARY team led by 3rd graders Michael Kaleem (2nd place 3rd grade), Aadi Shankar (1st place 2nd grade) and Jai Kasera (3rd place 3rd grade) placed SECOND TEAM among all of New Jersey’s schools. We were all so proud.

JANUARY:  Ninety players from New Jersey and Pennsylvania schools competed Saturday January 18th in the PDS CHESS TOURNAMENT. Read More

AbiIn the Novice II section for players rated Under 600, Abinav Mundayat tied for first place winning all four games.  Abi is a PDS first grader and won 4 out of 5 in the New York City K-1 Championship last weekend. At the Greater Princeton Championship in December, Abi tied for first place in Novice I, and in the November PDS tournament, Abi tied for first place in the K-1 section. At our next tournament February 8th he will play in the more challenging RESERVE section.

In the OPEN section for players rated Under 1000, Delia McCarthy, a fifth grader, tied for first place. Delia is a fierce competitor, working hard to play in the CLOSED OVER 1000 section!  The sections for players rated OVER 1000 start at 10:30am in the spacious and quiet music room with a one-hour time control for each player. 

K-1  PDS first place team
Lucas Furlonge,  FIRST PLACE
Abigail Leonardi  2nd
Arden Reilly 6th
NOVICE I  PDS first place team
Aiyan Doshi, 3rd
Shivani Manikandan
Arun Patel
Daniel Rozenblat

NOVICE II  PDS first place team
Abinav Mundayat 1st
Boaz Ziv-Loewy 4th
Jamison Reilly 5th
Akshay Arun
Sasson Ziv-Loewy
Eric Wu
Ian Nagelberg

RESERVE PDS first place team
Aadi Shankar 
Katie Jain

OPEN  PDS first place team
Delia McCarthy  1st
Jai Kasera

Rahul Rajaram 2nd place
Albert Ming  3rd place
Nicholas Jain 5th place

Jan 2014More than 1000 K-12 players competed in the 2014 Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championship at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel Sunday, January 12th. Twenty-two PDS players competed against New York City’s elite teams, with excellent results. read more

Michael Kaleem surprised us all by winning his first four games in the Primary Novice section of 197 K-3 players rated under 700. If Michael had won this round, he would have tied for first place with five others and a blitz playoff would have decided the awarding of trophies. Also scoring four out of five in Primary Novice chess 1/14were Aadi Shankar and Jamie Reilly. The PRINDY team in Primary Novice placed fifth ahead of Dalton, Trinity, Browning, Horace Mann and many others. Jacob Kaleem and Abinav Mundayat  competed in K-1. Abi won four out of five to take home the trophy for best rated Under 500 among 150 players.

The Primary Varsity team of Harry Bernardi and Jai Kasera played without our highest rated Winston Ni, who had the flu and couldn’t compete. Winston had been preparing new openings for weeks in anticipation of this prestigious tournament! 

Our powerhouse Elementary Varsity team of Albert Ming, Bryce Powell, Delia McCarthy, Dodge Martinson, Kai Shah, Varun Rao and Vinay Rao won fifth place team ahead of Trinity, Columbia Grammar and Browning.

Katie Jain and Boaz Ziv-Loewy competed in Elementary JV and Elementary Novice respectively. In the tough Junior High Varsity section, Nick Jain and Bharat Nagalamadaka placed 26th and 33rd and took home the trophy for fourth place team.

Players all learned how to leave the tournament room and scoot across the lobby to the staircase up to the PDS team room, where they marked their wins and losses on the score sheet and then watched asTatiana Brea analyzed games with energy and enthusiasm, warning each player to look at each move by the opponent with the question, “Why did he/she make that move?” to develop minor pieces, castle and connect the rooks in the opening before launching an attack. The tournament is an opportunity to learn as well as to compete.

National Grade Championship, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Three PDS players competed in the National Grade Championship in Lake Buena Vista, Florida last weekend Read More

(12/13-15), a three-day, seven round tournament with hundreds of players in each section, the best players from schools across the country.  In the third grade championship competition WINSTON NI tied for first place with five wins and two draws competing with 169 third graders. DODGE MARTINSON competed in the fourth grade section to tie for third place, 18th out of 201 players with five points. BRYCE POWELL competed in the fifth grade section with 172 players competing and had 4.5 points out of 7 to tie forfifth place, 41st in the standings. You can see the grand setting of this tournament at the Our next challenge is the New York City Scholastic Chess Championship at the Brooklyn Marriott on January 12th. We have a team room, and will compete in Primary, Elementary, and Junior High.

More than 130 Princeton Area Chess players competed Saturday December 7th at the PDS GREATER PRINCETONCHAMPIONSHIP. Read More

In the Music Room downstairs 26 players rated over 1000 played all day to win the trophies and the title of PRINCETON CHAMPION. In the gymateria, with every board full, Kindergartener Danny Rozenblat and first grader Aiyan Doshi tied for first place in the K-1 section. Danny practiced on every day to sharpen his competitive skills this fall. Thirty nine players K-6 from 23 schools competed in the Novice I section. PDS first grader Abinav Mundayat tied for first place with 3 ½ points. In the rated section NOVICE II, Michael Kaleem tied for first place with 3 ½ points. All players went home with a trophy. The next chess challenge is the National Grade Championship in Lake Buena Vista, Florida next weekend.  Winston Ni will play in grade 3 and Bryce Powell will compete in the fifth grade section.

1              Daniel Rozenblat
2              Aiyan Doshi
4              Ellie Turchetta
5              Aryan Reddy
8              Abigail Leonardi
9              Noah Wilson
10           Rohan Sukumar
12           Sari Wilson
13           Arden Reilly
14           Kasra Haghighat

2              Abinav Mundayat
5              Eric Wu
9              Jamison Reilly
10           Penn VonZelowitz
11           Arun Patel
21           Kabir Dhingra
22           Shivani Manikandan
26           Patrick Ming
29           Hutch Henderson

3              Michael Kaleem
5              Amogh Aadi Shankar
9              Sasson Ziv-loewy
10           Boaz Ziv-loewy
12           Ian Nagelberg
16           Jacob Kaleem
17           Peter Teti
18           Akshay Arun

6             Katie Jain

 OPEN (For players rated under 1000)  FIRST PLACE TEAM
6              Delia McCarthy
9              Jai Kasera

FUTURE MASTERS (for players rated 1200-1400)
4              Albert Ming
5              Bryce Powell
6              Kai Mahesh Shah
NEAR MASTERS  (for players rated 1400-1600)
2              Rahul Rajaram
3              Nicholas Cha Jain

UNDER 2000
2             Winston Ni

New Jersey Grade Championship: More than 30 chess players represented Princeton Day School in the New Jersey Grade Championship at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ, on Sunday.  The five-round tournament determined the best players and school teams in the state. The PDS team won the trophy for Best School Team in the first, second, third, and fifth grade, and second place in fourth grade! read more

The teams are: 1st grade: Abinav Mundayat, Colton Simonds, Ellie Turchetta, Fife Akinyanmi, Jacob Kaleem, Kabir Dhingra, Patrick Ming, and Penn VonZelowitz ; 2nd grade: Aadi Shankar, Eric Wu, Ian Nagelberg, Jamie Reilly, and Sasson Ziv-Loewy; 3rd grade: Harry Bernardi, Jai Kasera, Michael Kaleem, Tofe Akinyanmi, and Winston Ni; 4th grade: Albert Ming, Boaz Ziv-Loewy, Dodge Martinson, and Kai Shah; 5th grade: Bryce Powell, Katie Jain, Varun Rao, Vinay Rao, and Delia McCarthy. Additional team players Kindergartner Danny Rozenblat, 8th grader George Didita, and 9th graders Nick Jain and Bharat Nagalamadaka played very well and made the school proud. Congratulations to our impressive chess players!

NOVEMBER: Our Saturday chess tournament proved to be an exciting competition for our K-1 players who played long, tough games.  Three PDS players tied for first place with three wins:  Penn VonZelowitz, Danny Rozenblat and Abinav Mundayat. In the last round Ellie Turchetta checkmated Penn to take second place. In NOVICE I Sasson Ziv-Loewy won all his games to tie for first place out of 21 players. Jamie Reilly was second with 3 wins. In the October tournament, fifth grader Bryce Powell won all his games in the Closed Section. Last Saturday November 2, Bryce again won all his games, this time playing in the higher rated Future Masters Section. This is a remarkable accomplishment, because the probability of winning all games in a section where all the players are rated similarly is very low!  READ MORE   

Here are all our accomplished tournament players from Saturday’s Chess Tournament in the gymateria:
K-1  PDS won first place team: 
Penn VonZelowitz 3
Daniel Rozenblat  3
Abinav  Mundayat 3
Ellie Turchetta 2
Kabir Dhingra 2
Aryan Reddy  1
NOVICE I   PDS won first place team
Sasson Ziv-Loewy 4 first place
Jameson Reilly 3 second place
Eric Wu 2
Shivani Manikandan 1
Arun Patel 1
NOVICE II  PDS won first place team
Aadi Shankar 3 fifth place
Ian Nagelberg  3 sixth place
Michael Kaleem 2.5 8th place
Fife Akinyanmi  2 9th place
Boaz Ziv-Loewy 2
Jacob Kaleem 2
Tofe Akinyanmi .5
RESERVE  PDS won first place team
     Katie Jain   
      Mofe Akinyanmi
     Jai Kasera 3  3rd place
FUTURE MASTERS  Bryce Powell won all his games.
       Bryce Powell (1240) 3.0 first place
       Albert Ming (1311) 2.5 third place
       Dodge Martinson (1304) 1.0
      Rahul Rajaram (1363) 2.0 first place
     Bharat Nagalamadaka (1343) 1.0 3rd place
     Nicholas Cha Jain (1415) 1.0  4th place

OCTOBER: Hard work over the summer paid off for first grader Jacob Kaleem in Novice I and fifth grader Bryce Powell in the CLOSED section, who each won all their games in the PDS chess tournament Saturday, 10/5.  At the awards ceremony, Bryce said that he was inspired to work harder by the movie Brooklyn Castle. Congratulations to our striving chess players! 


2              Daniel Rozenblat
3              Kabir Dhingra
4              Abinav Mundayat
5              Minda Lai
6              Shaan Patel
1              Jacob Kaleem
2              Aadi Shankar
6              Patrick Ming
7              Sasson Ziv-loewy
10           Michael Kaleem
11           Arun Patel
13           Shivani Manikandan
17           Milan Patel
18           Sam Cohen

Ian Nagelberg 2.0
Akshay Arun (unr.) 2.0
Boaz Ziv-loewy (253) 2.0
Katie Jain

Jai Kasera

1   Bryce Powell (1058) 3.0
7   Harrison Bernardi (1038) 1.5
9   Kai Mahesh Shah (1208) 1.0

3              Rahul Rajaram
4              Albert Ming
5              Dodge Martinson
6              Nicholas Cha Jain

Dates and registration                                                                          

Please use this form to pre-register for Saturday Chess Tournaments at Princeton Day School.

2013-2014 Tournament Dates

October 5
November 2
December 7
January 18

Directions to PDS

February 8
March 8
April 5
May 10

Registration Form

Registration fee for pre-registered players is $35. On site registration is $45. Fees for the Greater Princeton Championship are $40 and $50. Please pay at the door when checking in the day of the tournament.

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