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Princeton Day School Transcript Request

Please complete this form to request a transcript for a current or former student at Princeton Day School (including Miss Fine's School and Princeton Country Day School).

If the transcript should be sent to multiple people or institutions, please submit a separate copy of this form for each recipient.

I hereby authorize the release of records:

Please explain your relationship to the PDS student​​

Please provide the name the student used while they attended PDS​
This is the year the student graduated or anticipates graduating from High School​​

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Transcripts can take 5-7 days to process, and longer during school breaks. Please plan accordingly.​​​​​
Choose as many as necessary. Upper School transcripts include only courses taken and grades received in grades 9-12. Middle school includes grades 5-8​​. Lower School records (for grades PK-4) include teachers' narrative comments about the student.​

Please Note: Official transcripts will only be sent directly to another institution- not to a student, parent, or alumnus. This policy is to assure the recipient that the document has not been modified in transit. Official and Unofficial transcripts contain identical information about the student's academic record. Additionally, official transcripts are signed by a PDS administrator, and paper copies are embossed with the school seal.

The unofficial transcript will be emailed to the requester's email address provided above. If a different recipient or delivery method is desired, please explain in the "additional notes" field below.

All contact information provided here should be for the same institution.​ Please fill out and submit additional copies of this form to add recipients.​​​
If the person picking up will be different than the requester specified above, please give their name and contact information​