Celebrating PDS' 2017-18 Retirees

PDS faculty and staff celebrated an exceptional group of PDS teachers who retired at the end of the school year. A video honoring each teacher, featured here, followed these moving tributes from Head of School Paul Stellato.

"Looking at the list of retirees whom we will now honor, one might be inclined to this observation: were anyone to launch a school, it would be a stunning success were these its founding faculty. Wisdom, compassion and renewal rise from these names; peace and prosperity attend the syllables of each; laughter and joy flow from them to touch each of us; care and contentment grace them tonight and, as we sit in their presence, grace all of us.

We are stronger and better for their efforts on our School’s behalf; we will be poorer – if only for a while – for their absence. To paraphrase Wordsworth, we will always take comfort in what they leave behind." Paul J. Stellato

Video Honoring 2017-18 Retirees

Remarks from the Head of School

To Chris Hart

I repeat one of her favorite refrains, reserved for the giddiest and most joyful students in her class. It goes something like this: “You should probably be seen by a doctor, as you’re having way too much fun in school.”

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To Betsy Rizza

You have taken great care to create a community in your classroom. No detail is too small: every quilted pillow is perfectly stitched, every water color complements the mood and magic of your beloved novel, Half a Moon Inn

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To Deb Sugarman

You are a theatrical superhero, having penned the plot, dialogue, and scenes for the Middle School fall play; coaxed and cajoled 8th graders to sing, dance, and act; you’ve stitched, sewn, hemmed, fastened, and repaired costumes for countless Middle and Upper School productions.

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To Ann Wiley

Your long relationship with our School began before there was a school: having started at Miss Fine’s School in 1964, graduating from Princeton Day in 1970, and joining its professional staff in 1986.

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To Barbara Walker

At alumni gatherings in New York; or during alumni weekend celebrations on campus, we endeavor to supply everything necessary for a successful event: food and drink, nametags, notes on the attendees.

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