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Wide angle photo of the fitness center

Strength and Conditioning

The mission of the Strength and Conditioning program is to prepare each student athlete for the demands of sports and educate them during the process to create healthy lifelong habits.

Our training philosophy is built upon instilling the value of hard work and consistency. Our programming is centered on efficient and effective exercise and personalized to meet the needs of each student athlete. Each program is focused on increasing the rate of force development and increasing overall force output to aid in performance on the field and mitigate risk of injury.

Athletes are expected to work to the best of their ability and strongly encouraged to chart their workouts in order to track progress. Attention to detail is of paramount importance in making sure that each exercise is performed effectively and with the appropriate technique. We stress the importance of maintaining consistency in training all year to ensure continuous physical development, including during the season.

Strength training year-round is essential to reduce injury and increase performance. As the fitness center remains fully staffed throughout summer, athletes are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to ready themselves for competition and to avoid delay in physical development.

Strength and conditioning coach working with an upper school student

Patrick Kerney ’94 Fitness Center

The Patrick Kerney ’94 Fitness Center is our training facility designed to address the needs of every student athlete regardless of sport or training background. Our facility is divided into sections to incorporate all facets of physical preparation. The fitness center is staffed year-round by our sports performance coach who closely monitors all exercise programs.

Athletic trainer stretching an athletes ankle

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Each program incorporates sport-specific “prehab” exercises to strengthen areas most often injured during competition. Our sports performance coach works closely with the athletic training staff to rehabilitate and strengthen areas of injury. The fitness center and the training room are located directly next to each other to allow for easy communication and coordination for student athletes and staff.

Strength Training Equipment

The fitness center is equipped with strength training equipment from industry leaders Hammer Strength and Cybex including:

  • 3 power racks with platforms and barbells 

  • Assortment of dumbbells and kettlebells

  • Various types of medicine balls, ropes, resistance bands, and slosh bags to aid in developing both power and stability

Cardiovascular Equipment

  • 4 high-speed treadmills

  • 3 ellipticals

  • 2 arc trainers

  • 2 stationary bikes

  • 2 recumbent bikes

  • 2 ergometers