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Panther Athletics


Varsity field hockey team celebrating after scoring a goal

Exceptional facilities, experienced coaching and training and the development of personal character forged in competition are hallmarks of the Princeton Day School athletics program.

Mens sana in corpore sano — a sound mind in a sound body — speaks to the holistic approach we take to athletics, health and wellness. While we always strive to win, our emphasis is not on winning at any cost: personal integrity, responsibility, teamwork and excellence on and off the court or field remain our highest priorities. Our student-athletes range from experienced players to novices, and everyone plays at their level of ability. Led by well-known and highly respected coaches and physical education teachers, students are fully supported throughout the seasons, during training, in practices and games and in the classroom. With 21 varsity athletic teams, Panther athletes broaden their outlook while matching their physical skills and knowledge of game strategy against our NJSIAA peers. While varsity teams are by tryout, sub-varsity teams are designed to provide all students with opportunities to keep trying something new, even at the high school level.

Upper School Teams by Season

Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics

The Physical Education (PE) program spans the Lower School experience and the first year of Middle School (fifth grade). The goal during these years is to develop joy in movement and introduce cardiovascular fitness as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Students are also introduced to a wide variety of sports to help them become confident and ready for interscholastic athletics. 

In grades six through eight, five days out of each seven-day cycle end with an athletics period. Beginning at 2:20 p.m., students join a team or participate in a PE option such as dance or Panther Fit, a class focused on strength and endurance, speed and agility and neuromuscular efficiency training. Team camaraderie and building confidence are emphasized.

Middle School Offerings by Season


Cross Country
Field Hockey
Girls' Tennis
Panther Fit


Dance (TBD)
Ice Hockey
Panther Fit


Boys' Tennis
Figure Skating
Panther Fit
Track and Field

Facilities to be proud of

Panther Athletics provides you the opportunity to establish healthy habits, make lifelong friends and be a part of something bigger than yourself. And what better place to do that all in than the new Princeton Day School Athletic Center? Adjoining the Lisa McGraw ’44 Skating Rink, the facility features a community-sized common area, a field house with two multi-purpose courts, indoor batting cages, four international squash courts and more.

Explore Our Facilities