Connect with PDS

Your connection to Princeton Day School continues long after graduation.

Whether you live around the corner from PDS or across the globe, you will find ways to reconnect, get involved, and find out about what's happening on the Great Road. With local and regional alumni events; an online community, including groups on Facebook and LinkedIn; and access to our Alumni Directory, the question isn't if you can connect with PDS, but rather, how you'd like to connect.


Princeton Day School relies on support of committed volunteers to help advance the mission of the school year after year. Please review the volunteer opportunities below. If you are interested in helping PDS as a volunteer, please email, and we will be in touch with more details.

Keep Us In The Loop!

We want to hear about your accomplishments, awards, promotions, family news, and any other notable happenings in your life.

Contact the Alumni Office:

Kaylie Keesling

Director of Alumni Programs & Giving