Athletic Hall of Fame

Selection Criteria

Player nominees must have attended Miss Fine’s School, Princeton Country Day School, or Princeton Day School for a minimum of two years. Athletes become eligible for consideration five years after the graduation of their class.

Inductees will have compiled an exceptional interscholastic athletic career or otherwise distinguished themselves through outstanding athletic
achievements and exemplify the highest ideals of the school. Selection is based primarily on athletic accomplishments while at Miss Fine’s School, Princeton Country Day School or Princeton Day School. Subsequent achievements in athletics and other areas are also taken into consideration.

To be eligible for consideration as a coach, nominees must have retired from coaching at PDS after working at the school for a minimum of five years. Selection is based upon an exceptional coaching career, which brought great credit to the school.

Extraordinary Achievement
The Selection Committee also considers for induction those nominees: a) who have achieved extraordinary success in athletic endeavors or programs not offered by the school; Read More

b) whose distinguishing athletic achievements occurred subsequent to their time at school; c) whose example of uncommon commitment, dedication, and support of our athletic program is worthy of special recognition.

*Kim Tumilty Bedesem, Coach
Eric M. Bylin '85
Donald Cogsville '84
John F. Cook PCD '56
Hope Thompson Kerr MFS '53
L. Chloe King MFS '55
Louise S. Matthews '83
*James Sloane PCD '36
William M. Sloane PCD '36
Ellen Fisher Stockmayer '73

Andrew D. Bing '84
Elizabeth (Betty) Cobb, Coach
Anne Harrison-Clark MFS '56
David B. Smoyer PCD '56
Karen Callaway Urisko '85
Michael F. Walters '78
George C. Young PCD '33

Laura Farina '79
Suzanne Haynes Halle '82
Robert S. Krueger, Coach
Dean W. Mathey PCD '43
Randolph Melville '77
Martha Heath Yerkes MFS '42

Sarah Berkman '92
Barbara Russell Flight '77
Sandra Strachan Froehlich MFS '57
*E. Webb Harrison, Jr. PCD '57
William Martin, Jr. '76
Timothy R. Murdoch '80
Alberto Petrella, Special

Elizabeth Bylin Cook '90
Ruth Kemmerer Dorf MFS '27
*Frank Konstantynowicz '76
William E. Rigot '68
Henry Rulon-Miller PCD '51

Jan Baker, Special
*Dan Barren, Coach
Annabelle Brainard Canning '77
Coleman Donaldson PCD '62
Linda Maxwell Stefanelli MFS '62
Newell (Buzz) Woodworth III '73

*Awarded posthumously

Lily (Nan) Buchanan Agar MFS '38
George C. Hackl PCD '48
*William Smoyer PCD '60
Rob H. Olsson '78
Michele Plante '78
Lester (Bud) Tibbals, Extraordinary

Sarah Woodworth-Gibson '79
Patrick Kerney '94
Doug Levick PCD '51
Hilleary T. Thomas '84
Ramsay (Cherry) Raymond MFS '61
Christopher L. Jones '91

Harold B. Erdman PCD '39
Christopher Lake '90
Jon McConaughy '85
James Rodgers '70
Anne Russell-Barrett '75
Sally Hagen Schmid MFS '60
Lindsey Sternberg '95

Jonathan W. Drezner '81
Hilary Thompson Kenyon MFS '53
Margaret Petrella '82
Cornelia Fischer Sertl '76
Charles Stuart PCD '59
Donald C. Stuart PCD '56, Extraordinary

Jessica Ann Drezner '82
Justin Geisel '92
Marcia Goetze Nappi MFS '52
John I. Pearce PCD '54
Mark Zawadsky '77

Olive Schulte Brown MFS '43
Kenneth Scasserra PCD '53
Mark Ellsworth '73
Martha Sullivan Sword '73
Suzanne Vine ’78

Howard McMorris PCD '59
Lauren Welsh '99
1983 Boys Varsity Soccer Team

The Bash Family
Steven ’72, Evan ’74 and Gregory ’75
The Ferrante Family
Giovanni ’72, Cameron ’74, Grayson ’75,
Catherine ’78, Virginia ’80 and Philip ’81

Dana DeCore Falconi '96
Timothy Howard '86
Peter Morse PCD '61

Rebecca Royal '87
Danielle Stramandi '97
Mark Trowbridge '92

Eamon M. Downey, Coach
Kari Zarzecki Habay ‘98

Alicia Collins '89
Andrew Overman ‘94
Barbara Rose MFS '64

*Jim Walker, Coach

Jessica D'Altrui Davidson '96
Rome Campbell, Coach

Elizabeth Hollister Burks Becker '77

Davon Reed ’13

1998 Field Hockey Team