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“Where I Will Go” is a short film created by Nick Chen ’16 and Sarah Lippman ’16 as their Princeton Day School Senior Project.
When we set out to make an admissions video, we thought of all the videos we had seen in the past year while we visited colleges, and realized they all fit a certain mold. Our goal was to create something totally new that would show that PDS is not an ordinary school. We wanted to demonstrate how the whole community could come together, each bringing their own unique talents and abilities, to show their love for the school, while also showcasing as much of our beautiful campus as possible. We experienced how willing everyone we enlisted was to help us and do what they could to show off everything they love about PDS; and how creative we were able to be in our problem solving using the tools and skills we were given during our time at the school.
Sarah Lippman '16

From the Director of Admission

From the window in my office I can see Lower School students as they skip off to recess. Actually, I can hear them before I see them, laughing and calling to their friends. I can also see the Colross Lawn, where the entire school community gathers for convocation in September, and where our seniors graduate in June. Princeton Day School is a special place; an extraordinary community of learners working collaboratively toward the pursuit of excellence.

Beginning in PreK with our exceptional lower school program, and continuing throughout Middle and Upper School, students are guided towards learning and discovery by dynamic, skilled and dedicated teachers. At PDS, teachers seek to foster each student’s individual needs and interests both inside and outside of the classroom. They orchestrate learning and pose questions in a way that challenges students to broaden their thinking and ask big questions. It is not unusual to see students and teachers sitting together at lunch or recess continuing a conversation that started in class.

The mission of our admission office is to create dynamic classes of talented, involved, and responsible students. We seek academically strong students with skills, interests, and experiences that will contribute to the life of the school in a variety of areas including the arts, athletics, leadership, and service. We value bringing diversity and new perspectives to the school.

While our website is a terrific source of information, the best way to get to know Princeton Day School is to visit. Please click the "Inquire" button on the right site of the page for a campus tour or simply call our office at 609-924-6700, ext. 1200 so that we can schedule one for you.

As a proud Princeton Day School parent myself, I see first-hand how PDS both nurtures the individual and celebrates the community. On behalf of the admission team, I welcome you to come see this for yourself. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Julie Cucchi
Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Meet Our Team

Julie Cucchi
Director of Admission and Financial Aid

609 924-6700 x1201

Jeanne Crowell
Associate Director of Admission

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Gavinn Boyce
Assistant Director of Admission, Athletic Liaison
609 924-6700 x1210

Amy Sharpless
Assistant to the Director of Admission and Financial Aid
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Linda Lippman
Assistant Director of Admission, Arts Liaison
609 924-6700 x1202

Amanda Briski
Admission Officer


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