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Welcome from Christian Rhodes, Acting Head of Upper School 2020-2021

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Welcome to the Upper School at Princeton Day School! Our dedicated team of faculty and staff is excited to begin our relationship with each of you. While we have pivoted temporarily this spring to remote learning, it is more clear than ever to me that the Upper School is a dynamic place thanks to our enormously talented faculty and energetic, motivated and engaged student body.

Academically, you will be challenged to think deeply and creatively about real-world issues as well as purely intellectual pursuits.

Athletically, you will learn to push yourself to meet personal and collective goals, whether they be improving specific skills or competing for a state championship.

Artistically, you will develop your talents in a community that cherishes self-expression and creativity, a trait evidenced by a short walk through our halls.

Extra-curricular activities will allow you to explore various interests and contribute to the larger community, whether that means competing in Model UN competitions, writing for the Spokesman, or participating in our many Service Learning activities, to name just a few examples.

Your task is to dive in and explore.  As you do, remember that we believe in you: who you will become, but more importantly, who you are now.  Pursue your interests and find your niche within this vibrant community. A hallmark of the PDS Upper School experience is that students lead the way in their learning and development, facilitated to an extraordinary degree by compassionate, expert faculty and staff who work with each student to help customize their Upper School journey. 

While these virtual revisit web pages will help you begin your journey, the real strength of PDS lies in its personal relationships. Faculty, staff and students are eager to get to know you and assist in your journey, both formally and informally. This welcoming and caring environment is what originally drew me to PDS and makes me proud to be, like you, a Panther. 


Chris Rhodes
Acting Head of Upper School 2020-2021

Watch our Upper School webinars below which highlight various aspects of life at PDS.

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