The following information is provided to help you secure transportation for your child from your local school district. Many districts that are near Princeton Day School provide transportation. Some districts do not provide transportation, but might provide reimbursement in lieu of transportation. Dismissal times vary at PDS, but all buses depart PDS at approximately 3:25 every day.

The following students are not eligible for New Jersey Transportation services:
  • Students younger than 5 years old
  • K–12 students more than 20 miles from school
  • 9–12 students within 2.3 miles of school
  • PreK–8 students within 2 miles of school
  • Students who do not live in New Jersey

Courtesy busing for students living within two miles of school may be available only if a route already exits. To apply, please submit a B6T Transportation Application Instructions/Form.

Occasionally, parents use a private transportation company to transport students from districts that do not bus students to PDS. Although the school is unable to make transportation arrangements directly with private companies, we are happy to direct you to companies that could help.

Please also note that in case of a delayed opening or cancellation of school due to weather conditions, parents should contact their local school district. Buses will follow the announcements and decisions for each individual school district, not Princeton Day School.

In order to receive transportation or reimbursement, you must submit a B6T form. This form should be submitted through the Princeton Day School website and it must be received on or before March 2 for transportation for the following year. Families applying to Princeton Day School should not fill out the form until admission has been confirmed, but should do so as soon as possible after the admission process is complete and they have enrolled. Please print a copy of your B6T application for your own records. However, no paper copies will be accepted. Parents requesting transportation must submit one application per child and must indicate their local Board of Education at the top of the form. Contact your local public school if you are unsure about the name of your Board of Education. If your address changes during the school year, please contact Janet Mayo ( so the information is current and arrangements can be made to transfer your child(ren) to a new bus system.
PLEASE READ the information below from the State of New Jersey regarding the B6T. Please be aware of the deadlines in addition to your rights and responsibilities. [Bracketed information was added by PDS.]

Transportation Update for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Families seeking bus transportation must submit the B6T Transportation Application Instructions/Form.

Courtesy busing for students living fewer than two miles from school may be available if a bus route already exists.

Princeton Day School will keep families informed about transportation issues via the website and email.

Contact Us

If you have questions or difficulty filling out the form online, please contact PDS Transportation Coordinator Janet Mayo either via email or at 609-924-6700 ext. 1.