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Lower School Garden Class

Seeing the campus in action is the best way to get to know us.

With 14 grade levels, a 106-acre campus and an exceptional community of faculty and students, Princeton Day School offers an unforgettable visitor experience. There's no substitute for walking the halls, visualizing how your child can thrive at PDS and connecting with community members.

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Group Tours

Come for a weekday student-led tour of our school, chat with parents, see our faculty in action, and take a walk through everyday life at PDS! 

Open Houses (Fall Only)

A tour and much more! Explore campus, plus hear from senior administration, faculty, and students about our unique programs and amazing opportunities. For Middle & Upper School (5th -12th grade), 'meet & greet' one-on-one with department chairs and academics, arts and athletics faculty.

Group Tour Dates
Open House Dates (Fall Only)

Where We Begin at Princeton Day School

This short video of the first day of the 2019-2020 Kindergarten school year conveys more effectively than any words the joy and care with which we nurture each child's journey at the Lower School.