Application Deadlines

  • Current families must submit financial aid application materials by January 6
  • Applicant families must submit financial aid application materials by February 1

Affording PDS/FAQs

Q: How does financial aid work at Princeton Day School?

A: Financial aid at Princeton Day School is a discount in tuition costs that is determined on the basis of need. We define need as the difference between the total cost of tuition and expected fees and a family’s ability to pay that cost. Financial Aid awards do not require repayment.

Q: Does Princeton Day School give merit scholarships?

A: Princeton Day School does not offer any scholarships based on academic or extracurricular merit.

Q: Who can apply for financial aid?

A: Anyone applying to or reenrolling at Princeton Day School may apply for financial aid. We recognize that each family’s situation is unique. The best way to determine if you qualify for financial aid is to complete a TADS application.

Q: Does Princeton Day School have an income limit for families applying for financial aid?

A: No, there is no set income level that disqualifies a family from receiving financial aid. Every award is based on a thorough review of each family’s unique application.

Q: How are financial aid decisions made?

A: Princeton Day School awards financial aid based a family’s demonstrated need. The financial aid committee determines the award after reviewing the TADS application, which includes information such as the incomes of both parents; family assets; and the number of dependents. Through the application, discretionary income is determined. It is assumed that a substantial portion of a family’s discretionary income will be available for educational expenses.

Q: How do I apply for financial aid?

A: Please click here to read about the application process at Princeton Day School and for links to worksheets and the application.

Q: Does Princeton Day School set priorities when allocating financial aid?

A: First consideration is given to current financial aid families who have completed all application requirements on time. Then, new applications from presently enrolled students and from newly accepted students are considered. Finally, applications completed after the deadline are considered for any funds that remain available.

Q: Will applying for financial aid affect my admission decision?

A: No. Admission decisions are made without consideration of the financial circumstances of the applicant.

Q: What is the financial aid waiting list?

A: While Princeton Day School tries to meet the demonstrated need of newly admitted students, it is possible to be admitted to PDS but not awarded financial aid. Such students are offered a place on the financial aid waiting list. We offer awards to applicants from the financial aid waiting list if additional funds become available. It is not unusual for the financial aid waiting list to be active between April and August.

Q: Do families have to reapply for financial aid every year?

A: Yes. Princeton Day School requires families to reapply for financial aid each year. We are committed to supporting a student through graduation provided a demonstrated need continues to exist. Please note that a family’s award amount may change from year to year if the family’s financial situation changes.

Q: What if I am applying for financial aid for more than one child?

A: The TADS financial aid application needs to be submitted just once per family, regardless of the number of children applying or reenrolling. If a family has more than one dependent in a tuition-charging school, the total educational expense will be taken into consideration when making the award.

Q: How will we know if we are awarded financial aid?

A: Families applying to Princeton Day School for the first time will receive their admission and financial aid decisions on March 10. Current families will receive their award letter prior to the reenrollment contract due date in late February.

Q: Who will know that my family is applying for financial aid?

A: A small financial aid committee and limited staff members will have access to financial aid information. All decisions about awards will be kept confidential.

Q: If our family does not receive financial aid, but we enroll our child at Princeton Day School, may we apply for financial aid in future years?

A: If a family does not apply for or did not qualify for financial aid upon admission to the School, financial aid will only be awarded in subsequent years if the family experiences a significant change in circumstances. Changes may include an employment change, a large decrease in income, an increase in the number of children attending tuition-charging institutions, or a medical issue.

Q: Can I get a loan to pay the tuition?

A: Princeton Day School does not offer loans to parents, however, there are many companies that offer educational loans. One such company that Princeton Day School is affiliated with is Your Tuition Solution which provides education loans for PK through 12 education. Click here to learn more and apply for a loan.

Q: Is there any assistance available for unexpected costs?

A: The Sunshine Fund provides financial support to financial aid students who encounter extraordinary school-related expenses that generally are not covered by financial aid. Families may make grant requests by contacting Julie Cucchi, the Director of Admission and Financial Aid.

Q: Is there a way to have the TADS application fee waived?

A: If the TADS application fee presents a hardship for your family, please contact the Admission office at or (609) 924-6700 ext. 1200 so we may assist you.

Q: What about divorced or separated parents?

A: It is the position of the school that divorced parents, separated parents or parents that have never been married retain the obligation to contribute to the education of their children whether or not there is a legal agreement between them to do so. The Financial Aid Committee will consider the resources of both parents, if living, before making an award. If either parent is remarried, the resources of the stepparent are considered, bearing in mind the obligation of the stepparent to his or her natural children. Both natural parents and any stepparents must, therefore, provide financial aid information by submitting a TADS application. In the case of divorced, separated or never-married parents, one parent’s information is never disclosed to the other.

Single parents should complete a Second Parent Waiver request:

second parent waiver request

Q: What if one parent is unemployed?

A: Typically the Financial Aid Committee will impute a wage for a parent who is not currently employed. However, the committee makes exceptions when a spouse has a significant reason for being unemployed, such as having non-school aged children at home, having children and/or parents who require substantial assistance, or is unable to work due to a medical condition.