Technology Program: Upper School

Upper School Student Computers

The goal of the Princeton Day School Upper School program is to allow each student the flexibility to acquire a device that will make them comfortable, productive, and happy. At the same time, the school maintains required specifications for these devices so that they will meet the requirements of our rigorous curriculum and network environment, and will be safe and secure for the student and the community.

The Upper School has adopted a “Bring Your Own Device” or “BYOD” approach for student computing devices. Students may choose their preferred computing device within specifications provided by the school (please see the link above for detailed specifications). There are options for Apple and Windows laptops. Each student must purchase a device in time for new student orientation, and will use it throughout their US career.

Please note, as detailed in the specifications, that certain software is required, including up-to-date anti-malware software and supported operating systems.

It is important that all devices meet our specifications. Devices that do not meet these requirements will not be supported and may not be permitted on the school network. In addition, please purchase any additional technical support or warranty that you deem necessary to keep your device performing well throughout its life. Our IT department will assist with getting approved devices onto our network and provide other assistance where possible, but will not be able to provide in-depth technical support or repair services for the wide range of personally-owned devices that will be at the school.

Students are encouraged to ask for assistance from the PDS Information Technology Team when needed. They are happy to help! They may be reached in person on the top floor of the US Library, by calling extension 7317 on campus, or by emailing