Upper School Students in a HallwayA Passion for Learning

We believe an essential part of a rigorous college preparatory education is helping students discover what kindles their passion for learning.

To this end, Princeton Day School's curriculum provides students with a broad base of academic knowledge and experience, and at the same time, stimulates them to develop the habits of mind that ensure future success. Talented faculty and talented students create an intellectually challenging campus environment.

We operate on a semester system. Freshmen and sophomores take a majority of required courses, building a core foundation of essential skills in science, English, mathematics, foreign language, history, religion and the arts. Each semester, students take four or five major courses that meet four times per seven-day cycle (five times for lab courses), and a minor course that meets two or three times per cycle.

As juniors and seniors, students are able to explore areas of particular interest, choosing from a rich array of electives and college-level Advanced Placement courses. During the final trimester before graduation, seniors pursue independent projects.

Over the four years of Upper School, one student's course of study is never precisely the same as another's. Working closely with faculty advisors and in collaboration with the college guidance staff, students design their own curricula. They learn to make informed choices based on individual interests and goals and the result is an educational experience that both challenging and inspiring.

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