Upper School

Choices and Challenges

Upper School provides a rigorous academic experience in a fully supportive atmosphere.

English courses, at their core, explore nothing less than meaning, purpose and the quest to communicate, as expressed through language and writing. Electives include topics that would make challenging undergraduate seminars, including Modern Voices of Minority Experience, Shakespeare, American Expatriates and the 1920s, to name a few.

For mathematics and computer studies, courses are offered beyond the two-year sequence in calculus, affording students the opportunity to work with faculty to shape their advanced math studies.

The history department weaves the intricate tapestry of humanity and asks students to confront essential questions about what's coming next through courses in art history, economics, geography, government, history, philosophy and religion, ensuring that students explore deeply while developing a global outlook.

Language students are able to reach a level of fluency that allows them to study literature in French, Latin, Chinese or Spanish. Our Global Studies programs, including semester away programs, can greatly enhance the language experience.

Arguably the most distinctive program of its kind in the region, our extensive STEAM curriculum includes courses in science, math, technology, engineering and the arts conducted in The Wellemeyer STEAM Center's state-of-the art-makerspace. The integrated, applied learning approach mirrors the interdisciplinary realities of the complex, real-world problems that individuals and teams in universities and organizations around the globe seek to solve.

Along with these challenges come choices—in electives, extracurricular activities, even advisors—allowing each PDS student to shape a unique educational experience.

And as they prepare for life after PDS, students can rely on our exceptional college counseling team for help as they seek opportunities matching their interests, aptitudes, goals and preferences.



Our 106-acre campus features extensive natural turf playing fields, eight tennis courts, two artificial turf fields and an ice rink. Two performance gymnasiums are complimented by a dedicated fencing room, a multi-purpose gym and an expansive fitness facility that is staffed by a dedicated performance coach who focuses on strength and conditioning athletes of all sports.

Princeton Day School is a member of the New Jersey Independent School Athletic Association and plays an independent schedule for all sports featuring premier independent and public schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. PDS regularly competes for NJISAA State Championships in the B division.

For more details on individual teams please visit our Athletics webpage.