Like its students whose curiosity and engagement fuel their quest for lifelong learning, Princeton Day School constantly seeks to improve and pursue its vision for the future. The 2017 creation of the Wellemeyer STEAM Center catalyzed the School's robust and integratively-designed STEAM programming effort with the goal of formally extending multi-disciplinary STEAM curriculum across the PreK-Grade 12 community. Over the summer of 2021, thanks to the recently concluded THRIVE! capital campaign, two new STEAM Centers for the Middle School and the Lower School, complete with state-of-the-art learning resources, moved the School further toward that vision.

The spaces are physical representations of best thinking in teaching and learning. The intentionally designed environment and resources facilitate authentic learning and hands-on skills development that students apply to help them create, problem solve and imagine possibilities.

- Jason Park, Grade 5-12 Science Department Chair


Wellemeyer STEAM Center

The Wellemeyer STEAM Center is a dynamic Upper School makerspace equipped with a powerful array of digital fabrication tools, including an industrial sized laser cutter, a variety of 3-D printing technologies, virtual reality goggles and VEX Robotics.

Located in the heart of the Upper School at the convergence of our math and science wings, this 2000-square-feet of prime real estate embodies the School’s commitment to delivering applied and interdisciplinary science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics experiences. In the Wellemeyer STEAM Center, more than 200 Upper School students innovate daily, facilitated by experts in math, science, computer science and the industrial arts. Filled with students every hour of the day and often long after classes end, the Wellemeyer STEAM Center resonates with focused energy and drive as upper schoolers contend with real-world problems that engineers, programmers, researchers, designers and developers are seeking to solve at universities and organizations around the globe.

Johnston STEAM Center

Johnston Steam Center, located adjacent to the Middle School Library and visible through walls of glass, brings STEAM to the forefront physically and as the nexus of interdisciplinary learning.

With endless possibilities, this dedicated space lets students apply skills, more deeply explore real-world problem-solving and build on their curiosity in a space built for making dreams into realities. The STEAM Center brings modern technology and industrial arts together, providing students a seamless creative and innovative experience with a sealed off area where tools can be used without worrying that dust, metal particles or odor might damage other equipment. Resources in the MS STEAM Center include a Glowforge laser cutter, 8 Prusa 3-D mini printers, a Cricut printer and a variety of industrial arts tools including a circular saw, band saw and drill press.

Bartlett STEAM Center

Named in honor of the Bartlett family, the Lower School's Bartlett STEAM supports innovation and creativity for our youngest students.

It's location next to the Lower School Library, surrounded on three sides by glass walls and windows, creates a seamless transition for students to explore library resources and dive into the world of building out the ideas generated from their reading, research and classroom studies across disciplines from art to math, literacy, music, social studies and science. The Bartlett STEAM Center's spacious and height-adjustable lab tables, built-in storage and state-of-the-art resources including MakerBot 3-D printers, Cricut cutter machines and an assortment of age appropriate computer science learning tools for crafting 3D models create the foundation for powerful, hands-on project learning and problem-solving experiences.

Cook Teaching Kitchen

Food is a lens through which almost anything can be taught and an irresistible playground for STEAM explorations with the added bonus of tasty results. The Cook Teaching Kitchen for PreK-Grade 12 students, located on the lower level of the Lower School, hosts a kitchen with two sinks, two dishwashers, double oven, microwave oven, french door refrigerator and tables to promote food preparation and teamwork. Students can look forward to exploring sustainable food practice themes including, applying their knowledge of food sourcing, and using ingredients from our renowned organic garden as well as our vibrant sustainable farming community in central NJ. The teaching kitchen opens pathways for students to learning about everything from chemical emulsions (by making Hollandaise sauce, for example) to microorganisms by making pickles.