The STEAM Curriculum: An Overview

With a required STEAMinar for all 9th graders and 14 electives spanning engineering, robotics, science research, math research, technology, arts and media, and computer science, the STEAM curriculum is among the best and most extensive among independent schools. Since the program's inception in the 2017-2018 year, overall enrollment in electives, as well as enrollment of female students, has almost doubled.

STEAM Coordinator Matthew Tramontana oversees the curriculum and manages the Wellemeyer STEAM Center. An accomplished industrial designer who has worked with engineers to design a variety of medical devices, he teaches several courses while also guiding faculty and students in this interdisciplinary innovation space.

Current Upper School offerings are depicted below.

2021-2022 STEAM Curriculum

Freshman STEAMinar

As the foundational STEAM program in the Upper School, the STEAMinar is designed to give all 9th graders a baseline of literacy in STEAM disciplines. Embedded within 9th Grade Math and Science courses, the STEAMinar explores interdisciplinary topics such as coding, circuitry, computational thinking, statistical literacy, biotechnology and digital fabrication.

Computer Science

From “Introduction to Computer Science” to “AP Computer Science Principles,” our completely redesigned Computer Science curriculum will endow students with technological literacy and opportunities for advanced study in coding and programming, all within a framework that emphasizes the important role of computer science in modern society. Our program culminates with "Advanced Computing - Coding for a Purpose," where students are challenged to address community-minded issues through a computational approach.

Robotics and Information Processing

The Robotics course gives students the opportunity to explore a myriad of physical computing applications including VEX Robotics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi while also situating the study of Robotics within a broader exploration of microprocessors and artificial intelligence.


The engineering component of the STEAM program engages students in authentic engineering experiences and inspires them to embrace an engineer’s habits of mind. This project-based course encompasses a broad range of engineering concepts and disciplines, and is designed to engage learners of diverse interests, backgrounds and abilities.

Since the program's inception in the 2017-2018 year, overall enrollment in electives has increased 30%, while enrollment of female students has almost doubled and now constitutes 42% of total STEAM course enrollments.